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W4r2 that's another done but the knees are still groaning!!!

Hi running buddies, hope you are all well and happy on this beautiful morning. Why am I so perky today? well it's because I've just done w4r2 the second 5minute run was hard and those poor owd achy knees were still groaning but I ignored them and now after a shower and my usual water and banana I'm feeling OK. Jut getting ready to go out to buy a few more lupin plants as the pesky slugs have eaten the flower tops off the last ones we planted. I maybe able to persuade my hubby to take me to the sports shop to have a little browse around. Enjoy your run if you are going out today and remember :slow and steady stay safe and enjoy.

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I've made the decision to bin my lupins because the slugs and snails have had a party on all of mine and there's not much left 😟 but well done on the run.

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Yay go you!!! Good luck with your shopping - such a gorgeous day here in Co Down so I've been gardening too. Slugs are driving me crazy too - afraid it brings out the worst in me when I see one and dispatch it pretty sharply to oblivion!! 😁😁


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