Intervaltastics πŸŽ–

Intervaltastics πŸŽ–

I wanted to share how effective doing intervals is if you have graduated and you are wanting to improve your 5k times.....

The extremely technical graph ( you can see I am an expert in these things 😜 ) is showing my 5k times from October 2015 which is when I started running again following 3 months of injury. I did these once a week to get my times down from November ... And guess what... IT WORKS!!! So try and see for yourself...

Happy Panthering



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  • Wow! That's brilliant JJ.

  • Jeez JJ, you used to describe yourself as a slow plodder and now your 5K PB is:

    a) massively improved

    b) faster than mine

    Great stuff.

  • Thankyou... I am on this mission to get a sub 2 hour HM and all of this is contributing but I need my 5k time down to 24 mins. It's had a similar effect on my 10k times...

  • Great. Sub 2hr HM in October is my target too.

  • No pressure then for either of us.. !!!! Mine is September just near my 46th birthday with a back up in March!!!! Please share any training tips I'd be so grateful...

  • He he. I have a (nice and flat) back up for April too. Just after my 56th birthday.

    Training, I think, is such a personal thing that I am not sure my 'tips' would work for you. I am sure you will be just fine anyway.

  • That's amazing ! Fantastic , Well done you ! :-) xxx

  • Thankyou, I just wanted to illustrate how effective doing intervals is....

  • Amazing job, that's mightily impressive. How many intervals per run do you do?

  • I do a 1 mile warm up, then 3 sets of the 30,20,10 blocks of 5, then a 1 mile warm down, it's about 45 minutes in total. My son has programmed the whole thing on my Garmin too which makes it so good, and it's really fun too 😎

  • Gosh, I'm knackered just reading that! But will def give it a go. Thanks.

  • It is fun I promise... As the bit you are killing yourself on is just 10 seconds, I then walk for 15 seconds after each one which really helps!!!

  • Yes, I think I'm going to give this a go too ! xxx

  • This is fantastic! Lots of the experts say that intervals are the way to go, and you are the living proof - that is just such a massive improvement.

  • Thankyou!!

  • Wow! That is (very prettily presented) impressive proof! I have read your previous posts on 30,20,10 but have yet to include this in my training. Thank you for posting again and a huge well done on that fantastic timeπŸ™‚!

  • Thankyou....

  • Wow - with such conclusive evidence, how can I not give it a try? I'll possibly fall at the first hurdle trying to programme the garmin though!!!

    Amazing progress. Such dedication to get there - you really deserve it. Your ARP must have improved tons!!!

  • There is no fail as you just do what you can, it's actually really fun to push yourself for the 10second bursts as you know you rest after!!!

  • At the moment, my only ambition is to keep running and keep enjoying it. And reach 5k no matter how slow.

    But I've followed this post anyhow, because some day I might want to go back and read this again, if I decide to try and improve my times. Very convincing graphπŸ‘

    And - wow - you are fast!

  • I am so with you, my primary aim is always to enjoy my running and one of the reasons I do the intervals is so I get better at my passion which is trail running. I have been running for 3 years now so for me throwing in some speed goals keeps it fresh... And keep enjoying your running, it's the best isn't it?

  • Ooh that looks good, might have to try it. Haven't got a garmin though so not sure how I'd time it. What a great improvement, love the line graph! 😊

  • Timing- sometimes I just slowly count up to 30 then 20 then 10 as I can't be bothered with programming my watch (or rather - too lazy to look up how to do it..!). And count the reps on my fingers! It's really hard work, and I am hoping that my efforts will be as successful as JJ's - which are amazing!

  • I used to count too and I still do as its habit!! It's tough but it would appear to work!!! Good luck and keep us posted on progress....

  • I used to just count, dead simple and use my fingers for the rounds 😎

  • That's brilliant. I really want to try this when I get back to running, stuck on the IC for now, but continue to be inspired by you.

  • Thankyou, and I wish you a very speedy recovery, I have been there myself a few times and it's jolly hard 😎

  • oooh might have to have a go at that! well done juicyju! :)

  • juicy

    yes intervals are hard but very rewarding!!


  • Very true, but they are fun too?

  • i do a session every week goes like this

    10 mins warm up then.... 60 secs hard same recovery

    90 secs hard same recovery

    2mins hard 90 secs recovery

    3 mins hard then take 5 mins recovery then repeat schedule as above

    10 mins warm down ...stretch and home for tea!!


  • Do you do this every time you go out?

  • What every run? Noooo, only once a week usually a Tuesday!! It makes my running week balanced giving a bit of variety in my runs too....

  • Thank goodness for that! The link suggested doing it every time - think that would kill me!

  • amazing results

  • Thanks for this JJ, I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

    I've just programmed into Garmin connect so it will be ready to go when I my forerunner arrives in the next day or so πŸ˜€

  • Most awesome graph I've ever seen! All sounds great, I've bookmarked the article! Well done!

  • Interesting about the cholesterol results...

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