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So, having set myself a target at the beginning of the year to do one parkrun a month, today I did my 6th Swansea Bay parkrun, so I'm ahead of myself. I got slightly left behind at the start this time as I was fiddling around trying to get my music started and then I found myself running with the tail runner. Not wanting to be last I managed to overtake a couple of people at half way and although I felt like I was struggling in quite humid conditions I managed to end up with a new personal best time of 38:14 No idea how! The encouragement of the tail runner and the volunteers was very helpful. The unfortunate consequences of the run were a beetroot face and a blister on my right instep. Looks like my blister resistant socks aren't working anymore. Couple of days rest needed I think for my foot to heal.

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Yes _it seemed so hot this morning. I also got a stonking blister in anti blister socks. They weren't M&S were they?

It's great to get PB in those circumstances. Sooooo well done. My daughter and I have also set ourselves the challenge of making sure we run at least one in a calendar month. Keep running😁


Hi, funnily enough they were M&S socks. They have been very good, but I think I need some new ones as I hadn't had a blister for ages. It seems that that one part of my foot is susceptible to getting a blister. Hope yours heals. Keep up the good work with your daughter.


Ah - it was the first time I had worn mine! Compeed has performed miracles 😊

Thank you


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