W9R1 - form and function

W9R1 - form and function

Since my mega-slow parkrun last Saturday, I have been looking into chi running to try and improve my running style so I can do more with less effort. On my last run (W8R3) this seemed to be having an effect - I found running easier (although I did do some micro-walks of a few seconds each, to adjust my posture) and, when I reviewed my course and time, I found I had gone 0.5km further than on the previous 28-minute run.

On this run I went back to my original course, doing the "dog-sh1t fandango" around my little local park (see picture). I did manage to run for 30 minutes continuously - but I focused more on my posture, trying to keep my body straight and my arms and legs relaxed.

It was still hard work - but at least I was now running gently, not doing the zombie shuffle that I have been doing up to now.

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  • Hey - don't knock the zombie shuffle - we may be slow but we will catch you! :-)

  • What do we want? Braaains. When do we want 'em? Braaaains.

    Ummm, on a more serious note... chi running eh? Might have a look into that. Congrats on your run, you must be pretty close to graduating :)

  • I am - I was hoping to graduate with our next parkrun tomorrow, but life got in the way and my running was delayed. Still, I suppose it's for the best - I can do my third run quietly, with no pressure.

  • Sounds like a plan Katie204. Wishing you all the best with the minimum of turd disruption on the day x

  • I'm curious about chi running too **shuffles off to google to investigate**

    I do pilates and find that thinking about my core helps me keep straight - I hadn't realised how much I was slouching when I first started off!

  • I was the same (still am to some extent, although I now know how to correct this). I was bending at the waist when I got tired - and thus made things even harder for myself, with painful quad muscles afterwards. I was going to spend £25 on a foam roller - but then I did my next run in "chi running" style and actually felt better afterwards!

  • I've just watched a few chi running YouTube videos and ordered the book from the library. I'm sure I'm running with my bum sticking out (partly due to not having a straight spine, part poor technique) so I'm going to try and be mindful of being in a straight line, feet landing under me and leaning forward (but straight) next time I'm out. I'm looking forward to the book arriving at my local library.

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