Any tips on how to get started?

Hi everyone,

I am another newbie and found this forum through the Weight Loss forum. I really like the idea of getting from couch to 5k using a structured programme and have downloaded the podcasts and listend to a bit of Laura.

I am however struggling to get moving! I have most of the gear but no proper running shoes. Does any one have any tips on 1. how to choose good shoes and 2. how to actually take the plunge and actually get started!!

Thanks in anticipation


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  • Hi there you've made a great start by joining this forum - the wise folks on here are the best!! Advice , support , laughs and a good proverbial kick up the butt when we need it! I'm just starting week5 and the best advice was to take it slow slow and slower and build up. I'm sure someone here will give excellent advice re shoes - maybe gait analysis etc. very best of luck to you - you can and will do it!

  • Hi! And welcome to C25K. Getting out of the front door is the biggest hurdle, but once you do it there will be no stopping you. Re: shoes, a great way to start is to go to a proper running store and get your gait analysed. You just run on a treadmill and they film it to see how your feet land and work out which shoes would be best. Once you know your size and shoe type you can go bargain hunting. Re: getting started just go out of the door with curiosity. Don't have any expectations of striding off like a gazelle! We all start slowly and just put one foot in front of the other. Slow is good and if it's too hard, slower is better. Good luck ๐Ÿ‘

  • Well done for taking those first steps. Getting started is just about exiting the door with a means of listening to Laura. If you're worried, go early or late when there are fewer people about, although no-one will give you a second look anyway. Try to run on the level if you can, as it really helps. Just cross that barrier of the first run and everyone on this forum will be cheering you on! It's a great feeling to do it. And don't worry if you take longer to get Week 1 done than just 3 runs - it doesn't mean you can't do it but it DOES mean you're normal.

    Daren't give running shoe advice though - I had Sporting 18 Year Old Son in charge when I bought mine and it was all a bit of a blur.....

  • If you have a pair of trainers, then you are ahead of where I started already. I didn't possess a pair of trainers so ran in walking boots until about Week 4. Nor did I wear special clothing - first purchase was a sports bra, next was big firm control knickers for the other uncomfortably wobbling bit. Shoes came later.

    I am not exactly poster child for breezing through Week 1 so I am not *recommending* walking boots, but they were fine (certainly better than the first pair I had professionally fitted and which cost an arm and a leg)... I found each next purchase a good carrot for achieving small goals.

  • Whatever trainers you have will be ok for the first week at least, find a good quiet place if you can and maybe go for a few brisk walks there before you start properly. All you need to start though is just making your mind up to do it, (and possibly a sports bra!) I did early runs later in the evening avoid being seen but its amazing how quickly you don't care about things like that. If after your first week or 2 you have any niggles pain wise you should get gait analysis done and appropriate shoes but I think you will feel better doing that after you have tried a few weeks and found your running rhythm.

  • Im with heavyhorse, any trainers will do for the first few weeks but a good sports bra is a must, this is my second go at this having graduated 3 yrs ago and circumstances meant running got put to the side, what i will say is i struggled first time around and completed week 1 about 3 times and a few others more than once, but the more I did it the more I enjoyed it learning from my previous experience of the programme this time I have spent the past couple of months just walking to increase my fitness levels slowly building up my distances and i have so far found it much easier, as for getting started first time round i picked a date marked it on the calendar and mentally focused on that being it, woke up to snow but still went out because I had decided that was it, never looked back, just follow the one day run one day rest pattern and before you know it you will be at week 9 run 3. Good Luck

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