Hace sol!

Sorry to say but it's still rather hot and sunny. We are lucky if we see clouds, rain- what is that? What has this done for my running? well it's not been good. How Bazza manages it I don't know!!

I started off in jan managing to get back to running 3 times a week, but the last two weeks I have only managed 3 runs in total :( the truth being i am just finding it so hard. So on Friday we joined the gym - why we didn't do this in nov I don't know (actually we tried and failed and got disheartened!) so feeling more positive as I can go swimming, use the treadmill and all the other equipment in an air conditioned environment.

What I love about my new gym 1) I can run or cycle there (depending on temperature) 2)it's adults only 3) all those annoying features like remembering money for lockers are not a problem

I wanted to run two races in April and March however because it's been impossible to do the training that I need to do, they are out the window. So races are going to be saved for winter and spring time.

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  • Not sure what's better... ice and cold winds or scalding sun??? Enjoy the gym and the pool, I envy th echild free!

  • Today it is so hot it actually feels like an oven. We don't have air con so there is no escaping it. At least with the can come into a nice warm house. Nowhere is cool, why he didn't pick an apartment with no air con I just don't know!!

  • Hi Vix, don't envy you running in hot weather. It's the devil's work int it! I am rubbish in the heat. I just get completely exhaused after only a short time, and we don't have it that hot here do we.

    Air conditioned gym sounds the place to be til you can get back out there. Hang in there!

  • Yeap, I have given up. we are off to the gym in a few hours, had to pop to shops to get a gym bag, as The bag I used on Sunday everything kept popping out of it so I thought I would invest. Even walking to shops took so much effort, I am secretly counting down the days until the end of the summer. I can't wait to get back to the UK in April!! Most people go on holiday for the sun, I am going for the cold.

  • I sympathise. I can't do anything in the heat except lie down and drink something long and icy cold which doesn't do the running thing any good whatsoever! I just can't imagine the kind of heat you get there but I think you've done the right thing in joining the gym.

  • Thank you, luckily dry heat, I shouldnt complain. In Rio the temperatures reached 42 reguarly plus it's very humid and heavy rain. There is a town in argentina which reaches 50, So I should be grateful we only got to 35 and it's dry but from the UK it's taking some adjusting. looking forward to coming home in April for a bit

  • Yep, I agree with everyone else. What's not to like in an air conditioned gym? Have fun m'dear x

  • I will thank you. Just need to try that treadmill out, last time I was on a treadmill I didn't have much success. I think that will be tomorrows job, tonight weights, strainer and swimming! Had to buy a swim cap.

  • Don't blame you for joining the gym- I can't manage very well in the heat, unless I'm around a pool and relaxing! x :-)

  • thank you!! A day like today you just want to be inside because when it gets so warm you feel your skin burning even with factor 50 on.

  • Well done. At least you're still exercising Vix. Keep on movin!

  • That's the plan, keep moving get on that treadmill and hopefully when it cools I will still be able to run outside.

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