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Scared of Running Alone

So, I have been running for about 1/2 a year with a group of my friends, and I'm not able to do that anymore. I feel terrified that something is going to happen on the run, I don't feel safe. I dont have transportation at the moment. What can I do?

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I'm sorry you have lost your running support. Would it help to look into apps that have a live feed and then ask a trusted friend watch you run on their phone, that might help you to build up the confidence to start running on your own. I never go out for a run without telling somone I'm going and where I'm going. I take my phone and £5 and travel card with me so I can always get home if I need to. All these things make me feel safe on my run.


That's such a shame. I was a little scared to run on my own when I first started (due to my own body image). I even ran in my coat to make it look like I was walking the dog. Then I realised that people are too busy nowadays to even notice me at the side of the road. Even if they did notice, they are probably thinking that they couldn't do that!

Safety wise, you should always let someone know when you are going out and what time you are expecting to get back. As 'Realfoodieclub' said, a mobile phone is essential together with a little 'emergency' money.

Don't run anywhere quiet if you can help it. The more people around you, the better.

Hope this helps get you safely out there :)


Maybe you could post a partial postcode to see if there are like minded people to you who you can meet up with and not need to use a car. I find it hard to get motivated to run alone but when I do I feel great, just stay in busy public areas. Good luck x


Have you looked to see if there are any beginners' running groups in your area? I'm doing C25k with one and they're ace. I love it and am doing much better than I ever have before. That's because of the group. There should be a running group that fits with your ability. Good luck!

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Can you stick to places you feel safe in? Perhaps carry a panic alarm? Hold your phone so you can call for help if needed? I'm sorry you have lost your group, could you find out if there are any other running groups in your area??


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