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First wall hit on Monday

Had my first running failure on Monday doing W8R1.  

I was off work and decided to go out at about 1pm.  I'd never ran in the heat before (it was about 27C) and I was woefully unprepared. 

My usual routine of drinking 2 litres of water in work the day of a run? Nope.

My usual banana about 30 minutes before for energy? Nope

Take a cap with me? Nope

Take water with me? Nope

Went out and was going at a good pace for me at 6:00/6:10 a km but knew I wasn't prepared and then at 21 minutes BOOM. Mouth like the desert, head swimming and had to walk the rest of the way.  So stupid and I'm kicking myself for being so daft when I have a 5k run on the 28th and I'm so close to the end of C25K

Run 2 tonight and I'm going to nail it, weather is a bit cooler, I'm hydrating myself and definately not going to make the same mistake twice.  WE GO AGAIN

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You need to go slowly too!  You don't need to be chasing times at this point.  Take it steady.  

You know what you did wrong there so just chalk it up to experience and move on.If you struggle again (and I'm sure you will, we all do) just slow down and take a breather, til your breath has returned to normal, and then jog on. It can save a run that would otherwise be lost.  

Don't be downhearted. You're a runner now and these things happen. Good luck with the next one!


I think it was the heat more than anything that gassed me.  I'm usually a 6:20-6:30 man so when I was going a bit better than that I just thought to keep going at that pace but then the sun hit me.  Curse of the bald man I think!


Running in the sun is difficult for everyone.  I have a cap. Now!  You won't forget it again. Don't forget suncream either. You can get right burnt even if you're out just for a short time.  


Oops, not wise lol!

At least the lessons were learned before your race!

Good luck for tonight :)


It's cooler tonight, so go for it and good luck.


The F word doesn't compute, you ran and you learned and that is what we do 😊

Having curtailed a run on Saturday morning I know  how it feels, it makes us better prepared and stronger for the next one, keep at it 😊


Slow, slow, slow slow slow! No quick quick..take it steady... you will get there :)


Went with my brother tonight and no problems doing the full run. 4.15k in the full running section (don't record the walks anymore) so a lot slower pace. Put that demon to bed and again on Friday. Cheers for the words guys 

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