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Trying again

Hi all.

I tried plan back in jan but had to stop as suffered extreme pain in ankles. Im 5ft 9ins tall and was 15 st 8 Ibs at the time. Saw a physio who advised it was my weight causing pain and recommended cycling daily. Have been cycling every day and am down to 14 st 9 Ib so am going to start plan again. Am hoping I dont get the pain as I really want to do this. 

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Hey Spragg - that's great! I know how hard carry all that extra weight is and losing almost a stone is brilliant.

I can't talk about the ankle pain, but one thing you will want to make sure off is to have a good running form to minimise the work and impact on your ankles and knees need. If you haven't already looked into this then I would suggest you really try and land with your feet underneath your hips and try don't lock the knee when you land.

The following might help: (post is mine, wisdom is others).

Above all, I would go slow, really really slowly and see how that feels.

You can do it, and if you need to tweak the plan to fit yourself then hey, it is _your_ plan. The key thing is KEEP MOVING :-).


Well done on your weight loss ☺it is great you have been cycling it all will help along the way.

Take things really slowly and steadily at first, to see how your ankles and the rest of you feels, there is no rush and you can repeat runs as you wish 

The main thing is to enjoy what you are doing 😊

Good luck with your runs, i really hope you progress through with out any further pains ☺


Thank you slow rob and yatesco for your advice and for taking the time to reply. Am def going to take your advice and take it slow. Im going to do this!! Have a good weekend.


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