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Best running shoes

Having just discovered that my reebok easy tone trainers are not the best to run in I wondered if anyone could suggest any reasonably priced trainers please? I have hunted through some posts to see some people suggest a gait test, but living in the back of beyond this won't happen any time soon. I also have a few back/sciatica issues which probably hasn't been helped by running in these shoes. Repeating week 2 again after resting back. Thanks in advance 

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Your back issues are precisely why you should consider a gait analysis. I was always dubious about  this process, thinking it was just a sales gimmick, but the video clearly showed that I land on the outer edges of my feet and push off with my small toe. With appropriate shoes recommended by the salesman  my  gait changed and push off was from my big toe and knee and ankle were in much better alignment.

If you run off road then there is no point in the gait analysis as trail shoes are for the most part neutral. Width and fitting vary from manufacturers and you need to try on as many as possible to find those which fit well and are comfortable for you..........not someone else.

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Definitely, having back issues, pull the stops out and make sure you get your shoes right.

Some of it may be general posture too and hopefully as runs go on and your core strengthens then you'll feel less niggles but- go and get your shoes sorted :)


ASICS sells high priced and reasonably priced shoes.  I have tried both levels and they are well made and comfortable.  If you buy them mai lorder you can wear them inside your home and if need be send them back.

Good luck.


I bought a pair of karrimor tempo from sportsdirect.  Cheap, comfy right out the box

They would tide you over til you can get gait analysis 😊  Good quality too.  They appear indestructible ☺


I got my Brooks at a knock down £70 from Sports Direct...awesome shoes...I just wish I could wear them all the time!


I found a pair of Nike trainers in a factory outlet near us at a good price (I have a sciatic issue as well)  My hubby is a serious runner and he says Nike Air Pegasus for roads and Salomon for trail (he has back and knee issues). Not cheap for either but some online places have good deals (runningshoes. com for instance). Probably best to get a gait analysis though or the back problem could get worse. 


I have just bought adidas Duramo 7 running shoes from John Lewis at £47. I found a trainer specifically designed for running was better than my old trainers, gave me a much more comfortable run. Good price. The Duramo are flexible and light - I have not needed to break them in, just started running and they were fine. I did try a few pairs on in store (cheaper and dearer)and jogged around a bit as there was much variation. I would advise trying before you buy .


If you don't have access to a store offering gait analysis, do you have access to a treadmill? I just went for a gait analysis and it was definitely worth it, as I ended up with trainers suitable for my own issues. I did try on a number of pairs and went back and forth until one pair eventually felt like the ones I kept going back to. but the analysis involved the shop videoing my feet from behind - so I am wondering if you could email a video of you running on a treadmill to a shop who might advise? They could at least identify any issues and give you a list of possible shoes. They might charge a fee if you are not buying from them - one shop here charges £20 but then knocks it off the cost of any shoes you buy from them.


Thank you to all your replies.  I am going to try to get a gait test (I've googled it some more since getting back from work and can see why it's been recommended). I shall get some cheaper ones for now and I have written down some of the recommended ones. I'm thinking I may go to a physio as well for advice. thanks again 


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