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On my way back from my run early this morning, a young woman, decked out in fitness sports gear was walking towards me. A big smile on her face, she told me : "I hope I can do what you are doing when I am your age". 

What was that! I am only 69 years young going on 30 or 40.......

While jogging on the spot, I told her about C25K, she was amazed. 

Do I get 10% commission? 

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Ha ha, unfortunately not.  I had a convo this morning across a busy road about C25k. A lady was in the midst of her week 8 run.  Everybody's at it!

69!  Just a girl.  I feel better than I ever did!

I run to a song, that say it all ...

They said don't try to change the world

You're just a girl

So it's...me against the world today

I'm gonna do it my own way

And though nobody understands

I'm gonna make a one girl stand

It's not Independence Day

I can't waste time on what they say

If we believe when we have faith

We're gonna change the world someday  

by ...... (Superchick)


You get a special commendation for not saying "ah, but will you be able to do this?"  and flooring her with a one-punch knock out,


 I would take that a lovely compliment!  Yep 10% Comm  for sure!😊😆

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That's a double edged compliment and sounds as if she was very young. Only the very young think anyone over the age of 30 is ancient.  I wouldn't know whether to thank her or slap her.


Definitely slap!! ;)

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Haha - what it is to be venerated by the younger generation!

I'm certain it was meant as a compliment and to show that she was in awe of your prowess!


No no no, I can't afford to pay commission I would be severely broke.  Hehe.  I'm sure she thought she was paying you a massive compliment.  I have quite a few friends in their 30's who keep saying I would love to be that active when I get to your age. (Only 50 this year). And my brain keep arguing but we are the same age now aren't we?  

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