Londoners! Get your gait analyses done at the Sweatshop in Harrod's

Ten out of ten for Megan at the Sweatshop on the 5th floor in Harrod's. Londoners, I suggest you go there if you need a GA. She must have spent at least 20 minutes with me, highly trained, excellent suggestions and absolutely no pressure.

But, here comes the good bit... I was unable to walk, let alone run on the treadmill :-D Nonone told me that it isn't easy. What a nitwit I felt as I was unable to keep time with the movement beneath me, what a cretin I am! What did she think of me? But who cares!

Anyhow, she analysed my gait anyway but without the computer and, thankfully, despite a gammy knee I do not overpronate. Tried on loads of shoes and went for a New Balance in the end in exactly my width for a pretty modest 70 Euro -- they were discounted.

Very knowledgable on socks check her out. Thanks Megan and wos, am I impressed by you tread-millers!


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20 Replies

  • People - including runners - come in all shapes, sizes and shades...

    There are those who like country life and those who prefer the city...

    There are those who look first at the food on the menu and those who look at the prices...

    There are those who kill spiders and those who save them...

    There are those who open the birthday card first and those who go straight to the present...

    There are those who can run on treadmills and those...

    It's fortunate you live in Italy, Delia, your winter is possibly a bit shorter and milder than some people's! And having joined a gym now I can tell you it's definitely a whole lot nicer out in the fresh air! :-)

  • I am in awe and admiration of treadmill runners. I was just unable to do it. And felt dizzy when I got off! Incredible contraption!

  • I joined a gym to go on the cross-trainer while my knee's recovering, so I had a go on the treadmill too just to see if I could do it. If I hadn't been able to I think I'd have given up there and then, so it was fortunate I managed okay - BUT while I was trying it out the girl had to go and referee some disagreement at the front desk so there I was on a treadmill, all alone in that part of the gym, and no idea how to stop the wretched thing... After pressing everything in sight I eventually slowed it right down and jumped off. I was dizzy for a moment too, I think it's because on a treadmill the background doesn't move while you're running and your brain has to sort that out when you stop :-)

  • I found the people at Sweatshop at Bluewater very helpful too. I was asked if I'd ever run on a treadmill and when I said no he said no problem and had me running up and down the shop. My daughter laughs at me getting on and off escalators, so I think I'd be hopeless on a treadmill.

  • I ran up and down the shop too, to the amusement of several customers (who ended up doing the same)....

    I didn't know there was one in Harrods, you don't think of them as containing franchises (or I don't).

  • there are plenty of franchises in Harrods now -- from Gucci to Disney!

  • Glad I'm not the only one unable to handle a treadmill ;-)

  • Sweatshop rock! I just love them and the 2 stores I have visited, Rathbone Place off Oxford Street and Bluewater, always are so helpful, patient and never pushy. They can be a bit pricy compared to some other sports shops but they specialise in running and they know what they are talking about so for customer service they are second to none!

    I have thought too about joining their runs midweek as the Oxford St one is near to the office but they tend to do 5-7k runs from this one so need to up my distance first I think....

    Enjoy the new shoes Delia! x

  • They sell fabulous running socks too...mine are already holey after all this running. Sweatshop sell ones with reinforced heels and toes. Anyway I'm glad you agree, fabulous service. xox

  • hi, I had this done today too and couldn't use the treadmill either!! I got on it and the man cranked it up to some god awful speed and I couldn't keep my legs underneath me! Then he asked me to let go as I was holding on for dear life! As if! So I got off and ran around the shop in a state of extreme dizziness! Didn't like that machine much, but disappointed not to see video of me running :(

  • Exactly! I am in admiration of anyone whi can use the damn thing! LoL :-D

  • you made me smile! :-) I don't like treadmills either, although I can (occasionally do) use them. I much prefer to run outside though, in the fresh air! When I stop the treadmill, I usually go from run to fast walk to slow walk and then snail pace before stopping. It looks like I'm just cooling down, but its really to minimise the dizzyness. I always hold onto the machine for 10 seconds while stationary before I step off to allow brain to adjust, otherwise I'd just fall over and make a fool of myself - if there is an attractive man around I just make it look like a stretch, ha ha ;-)

  • They're a bit like those moving pavements at Gatwick but faster aren't they? Except you can't fall off at gatwick!

  • I need new shoes too soon and like almost everyone on here have not used a treadmill for running. I did get forced onto one 3 years ago when I had a medical, but I was very unfit and 20+kg heavier so never got up to running speed before the nurse turned the pesky thing off. May try out a friends a few times before going to the shop, but good advice from you all.

  • Oh dear, I have an appointment for GA in one weeks time and my (until now) secret fear is running on the treadmill while I am there! I have been told to bring shorts and running shoes and the appointment is for 1.5 hours, I can only imagine how much running will be involved. Yikes! I may have to track down a treadmill before I go, thanks for the warning - my fear of not being able to do it might be a reality!

  • Don't worry, it was probably just awkward clumsy me! I'm sure you'll be fine!

  • I wonder if there's a Sweatshop in Newcastle or Leeds...they sound great. I will check it out in a minute!

    Chuckling about the treadmill, it is a very out of control feeling but I have to say it got me through a bad spell when I had 2 flunked outside runs in W8, did it very happily on the treadmill but when I tried intervals it was a total disaster!

  • Soozz, don't know if there's a Sweatshop, but I had my GA done at Up and Running in Headingley in Leeds, and now have some very comfy shoes (there's also a branch in the city centre near the train station). Was only on treadmill for a couple of minutes, which was just as we'll as it was in my early days when 90 seconds was a bit of a struggle. He showed me the video and explained that I overprinted and then let me try some different shoes and run up and down the street to make sure they'd be comfortable. I'd recommend them. Happy shoe shopping :-)

  • Ah thanks Foylefiend, been away so no internet since Friday! I think there's an Up and Running near here. Having a little chuckle at the thought of your relief that you didn't have to be on the treadmill long cos you couldn't run for long! I will definitely follow this up.

  • I'm sure there'll be one in such big and important cities. Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a treadmill. Last year we had so much snow here, it was incredible. I really do not want to lose my hard earned fitness! xox delia

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