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W6 and a half, ish

After last week's excitement of finishing week 6, my other half was back running at the weekend after a shoulder injury persists on keeping him out intermittently.  He wanted to do W6R2 again so did that with him, and really enjoyed the run.  Back out today and he was nervous about the 25 minutes so decided on 20 minutes, and because we started this together I decided to stick with him and finish this thing together.  After all it's been a long journey already, a few more weeks won't hurt and after all the end of this programme is just the beginning isn't it.  I figured a few extra runs can only be a good thing and I think it'll boost my confidence.

So out today for a 20 minute run and although felt a little hard, it was much easier than the first time I ran for 20 minutes.  So yes, a great confidence boost.  Sun was out, birds singing, what's not to like?  I must say though I am a bit concerned about the heat in summer, as I got pretty hot today and it's only early May!

Happy running everyone! 😀

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It sounds idyllic and a few repeats won't do any harm.

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Heat... what is that:)  Your run sounds fine...and consolidation is always really useful.

Slow and steady does it.... and maybe... shorts?  :)

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