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W5R1 completed yesterday

I decided to change my route and run down by the river (where I first started C25K) since the weather has dried the track out a bit and I wish I hadn't. After running for the past few weeks on a road it was tough going back to gravel/grass track and I felt a twinge in my ankle from the uneven ground. It feels a bit dodgy today so I'm hoping to rest it up tonight and see how it feels in the morning. I don't want to step outside my routine but I don't want to damage my ankle  either.

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Ah, the joys of trail running. Take it easy. 


An adventure or two does no harm as we love having happy memories.  I usually find a day of rest allows me to recover, as long as u didn't sprain it, u should be fine.  Running needs to b fun


It's definitely strained as it hurts when I flex the ankle. I'm going to rest it and see how it is by the weekend :(


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