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Amazing - Another milestone!

Today's work out was

Walk 3/4 of a mile to a hill.

Jog uphill 3:00 walk 2:00

Run/jog 26 minutes nonstop mostly uphill. 30 degree grade. There is a gravel loop behind the gate at Climax Canyon that takes you up to the trail head. The road is 2/3 up hill and 1/3 down hill and there is a gravel parking lot at the bottom. I actually ran most of this and jogged some nonstop. Ok, two days ago, I was struggling to maintain 3:00 minute jogs and runs!  I am very encouraged. Next week I will resume my Run a 5K training. My thigh seems to be holding up now.

Walk 1 mile home

Appr 4.5 miles

Amazing how the body adjusts to more and more work.

Thank you Lord

5k May 14

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That sounds like quite a workout! Well done tackling that hill. It is pretty much flat where I live but even if it wasn't, I am not so sure I'd be running uphill much. Sounds like your running is coming along well.

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Thank you boptillyoudrop49 - felt great too.


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