Finally braved the Parkrun

thanks to those who persuaded me to be brave and try a parkrun, just managed my first one in beautiful sunshine, which was a bit of a change from the snow we've had and I was a bit warm with a return of the beetroot face as I was dressed for the sharp frost we had when I was out with the dogs. Anyway I survived it! I wasn't last and ran the whole thing. Don't know my actual time yet but my tracker and watch have it just about 32 minutes which I'm more than happy with! I am now sitting in the nearby cafe with a coffee waiting for my face to return to a more normal colour! Thanks again to the encouraging folk in this group for making me brave enough to do it!


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29 Replies

  • Well done! And a very good time too!

    I'm happy you enjoyed your first parkrun.

  • Just finished mine too but yours is amazing! You ran the whole way and got a fab time.  I'm very jealous.  Nice work 🤗

  • Well done to you too, then!

    And don't be jealous; you will do the same if you want, you just have to arrive there at your own pace. 😉

  • The parkrun I chose was not my closest, but the next closest which just happens to be as flat as it could possibly be! I will try Dundee next time as it is pretty hilly and pretty sure I'll be lucky to get under 40 for that one! For me the run wasn't really the challenge, it was the joining in! Well done to you too we're all slower than someone else and we're all way ahead of those still stranded on their sofa's !!

  • Well done , once you've done your first one it is ok. Just done one myself today, completing it with a face like the setting sun but it sets you up for the day and is great fun! 

  • That's brilliant - well done! I have yet to brave one myself...

  • Me too.. I am a wimp!

  • well you are ready for it now! You have done 5 k so no reason to delay! I had the added incentive that at the parkrun location there was a cycle event my boys were going to at 10.30 so really I couldn't make any more excuses to myself not to!

  • Kids are great motivators aren't they :-). I think they have one in the stunning Bradgate Park which is local so yeah, next Saturday...

  • I'll await your parkrun initiation post!

  • Very well done, it will be the first of many I'm sure. Just done my 4th park run  Impatiently waiting for the text with the time, think I am on for smashing my PB as according to my timing I was well under 31 minutes. 

  • Brilliant... I was wondering where you were.. have I missed loads of posts.. you are doing amazingly!

  • you maybe have missed a few posts, I did my first post grad run in a blizzard on Thursday and this is my 2nd post grad!

  • well done to you too, I just got my official time! Was 30.29 so well chuffed with that, hadn't stopped my app right away so my time was a bit more, but the splits showed it too!

  • Thats a fantastic time.  Absolutely brilliant. Mine was 30.30 59 seconds faster than my previous PB.

  • We should both be celebrating then! Although I was definitely ready to stop at the end though, running by myself I'm a few minutes slower but feel like I can go on further, didn't mean to be faster but its a bit different in a crowd!

  • Beetroot is a great look! Lots of us are totally rocking it at the moment!

    Well done you and a great time! :)

    Wish I was brave enough to try it.. !

  • if I can do it , you can too! I'm not very good at joining things but it was fine, there were lots of little groups of sociable people chatting away but I didn't feel out of place by myself either.

  • Maybe.... when the time is right! :)

  • it has been absent on my last few runs due to freezing winds and snow! The sun this morning came as a shock!

  • Well done on completing your first parkrun - be warned they are a bit addictive! Just done my third today and although it was tough the feeling of achievement afterwards makes it all worthwhile.

  • Well done - glad you enjoyed it and that sounds like a great time!

  • for the more experienced parkrunners, they only had one scanner working today and most were being recorded manually, including mine, the results page is just showing unknowns for the manually recorded results, when this happens do they update the results page later? On the plus side the man behind me has a recorded time of 30.46 so my time is actually better than I thought. Looking at my splits on endomondo it is under 31, I just didn't stop it right away .

  • Beetroot face is a sign of an efficient cooling system, I've got one of those 😄, well done on the parkrun, I love parkrun, now you must keep're pretty speedy too!


  • Brilliant!  32 mins is a great time for a first parkrun (you are well over 10 mins quicker than I was!).  I'm glad you enjoyed it (I'm a parkrun convert :) ).  Now you need to go back and get a pb.  You're Saturday mornings are now booked for ever!

  • thanks, I work 2 Saturdays out of 5 and have 3 kids so I will probably try to do one every 5 weeks as realistically that's about as often as I will manage, but glad I have done 1 anyway!

  • Well done on your first parkrun, so glad you went to experience parkrun, you did fantastic and your time is great, you definitely deserved a coffee after all that hard work, give yourself a massive pat on the back :) x

  • Well done and a good time 😊

  • Great time ! Well done.

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