W7run3 hope it gonna be easier than 1and2!

We'll  I'm on week 7 just 1 more run to do, but feeling apprehensive because run 1&2 haven't been as good as previous runs, I'm not sure why????? I am contemplating repeating this week until I find it less challenging 😩 Feel abit disappointed because not getting that elated feeling after these 2 runs. Anyone else had this???? Think I should repeat this week?? Advice welcome.  Thanks guys xxx

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  • Week 7 was a nightmare for me too, I cried!  I wouldn't repeat,  just get run 3 under your belt and I promise week 8 will be better 😀

  • If you completed runs 1&2 then run 3 should be no trouble ,have faith in the programme and your own ability. Some runs are more challenging than others but the programme prepares you for the next run. I  would go onto week 8,,  you will not notice the extra 3 minutes, good luck. 

  • I struggled through W7 R1 yesterday. The most dreadful, unpleasant run so far. Others have said that week 7 is tough, so I've decided to just do i, no matter how much I want to quit tomorrow, I will simply not stop running! Get it over with.

  • I would go to Week 8.  Maybe you're just not firing on all six this week.

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