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Breathing update

After posting the other day about my breathing and receiving lots of helpful replies, I decided I would just go with the "ignoring it and letting it look after itself" advice.  Tonight's run was a 30 minute continuous run and it was fab, perhaps the first run I have enjoyed whilst doing it rather than just when it is over!  Tried not to think about the breathing and just look around at the scenery which was mostly fields and it worked.  I was a bit out of puff but I reminded myself that I am allowed to be as I am exercising and that is what happens.  Even managed a sprint(ish) finish and felt like I could have carried on a bit longer.  Feeling fantastic just now so thanks for all the wise words and encouragement! 

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well done! I found my breathing seemed to sort itself round about the end of week 7 and has been fine each run since, still get out of breath but not puffing like a steam train! And its great when you get those really enjoyable runs, look forward to many more of them!

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