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Lands End to John O'Groats AND back again! HEEEELP needed :-)

Good morning all.  I'm on the scav ;-) My wonderful, smiley friend is running from Land's End to John O'Groats, and back again.  It's all to raise awareness of bipolar disorder and mental health in general.  She's been to a dark place this last few years and now she's starting to live again.  I could babble on all day about her.  I find her staggering.

She REALLY needs support along the way, mostly with carrying her stuff form one place to the next but if anyone wants to run along side her for a few minutes, hours, or days, I know this would mean the absolute world to her and keep her going.

She's in mid wales somewhere today, a few weeks into her challenge :-)

Her progress and pics are on the Peppyplant link below, and her route can be found on the fiercemind link.

I'm putting it out there on here because this is the most helpful and seemingly caring bunch of people I've ever come across via social media!!


From myself, and the wonderful woman that is my friend Yvie, THANK-YOU

 Charlie xx

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Wow - what an amazing lady!  I'm following her on twitter and will see if I can help if she comes near me (not likely at the moment as I'm in East Anglia - not sure if her route comes back down the other side of the country?).

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Thank-you SO much :-)


This is fantastic ! What an amazing person she is !

Yes , I will trot alongside if shes anywhere near me ! :-) xxx

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This is wonderful :-)



How absolutely amazing and for such a worthy cause,too.  I shall have a look to see where she comes once she hits Scotland, I would love to cheer her on, if nothing else!

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