Goodbye Wk 8- roll on Wk 9

I think I'm in shock. Never in a million years did I think, when I started this programme, that I'd be embarking on week 9! Today was the last run of week 8, which I was definitely not looking forward to. I found run 2 very difficult, almost too much. So when I went out this evening, I had to brace myself for worst again. Thankfully, it was more manageable and I made it through.   Week 9 beckons! Hope everyone else is getting on okay this week. 

7 Replies

  • That's brilliant. Well done you.  One week to go and you'll have graduated 🎉

  • Well done. Onwards and upwards.. you are getting there.

    So close now... eeek :)

  • Well done :) 

    Week 9 is just a few steps more, well do-able :)

    3 runs to graduate status - mad innit?! ;)

  • Excellent! So close now ... Best of luck with Week 9.

  • Amazing feeling isn't it! Just wait till the of week 9! Best of luck.

  • You're almost there! Good luck!

  • It is an amazing programme and you're amazing for sticking with it, keep going :o)

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