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It was too good to be true...

W8R3 was an absolute dream. Ran further, faster ( lots faster ), and it was easy.

W9R1, on the other hand, was back to my usual pace, distance and level of effort. 

I'm reassuring myself that it's because we were away for the weekend, for a friend's 50th birthday celebrations, and I had my first alcohol since Christmas.. I didn't have much, but it's the only thing I can think of that could have left me so weary.  I'm doing a  yoga class tomorrow and R2 on Wednesday, so I hope that 2 days' rest before Parkrun for graduation will be enough! That, and lots of water 😊

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Hi Rhedwr,

There are always some runs that seem way more difficult than others, whether due to tiredness or stress or the weather or...... But in the end it doesn't matter whether your latest run was slower and harder than the last  - as long as it didn't feel so hard that you gave up. But you didn't give up - so well done you! Keep on going and I look foward to seeing you up with the graduates at the weekend :-)

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I'm a second-time-around C25Ker.  I was poorly at the end of last year, then had 4 months of chronic fatigue, so I started the plan from the beginning again, just to ensure I got back into running sensibly.  In some ways it's been good to have the first experience to relate to, but it's still been tough going because I'm not on top form still. I keep reminding myself that last time I did it, I was ill; I just didn't know that at the time! 

I'm no less excited about my graduation run at Parkrun this Saturday though, regardless of it being my second one. 

Watch this space 🏃😊


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