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When all you think is RUN :)

Shopping now insists on including any shop outlet with sports accessories! 

Soursing running bargains!

Leaving your partner HAPPILY to wander round the tech isles.. (ohh wait) they might now hold my interest.. bit..drool.. 

But happy if I come home with a pair of running socks:)  

When I wake in the morning and my day is full of thoughts of stretch.. move.. get motivated.. 

When I have purchased a pair of running socks.. gosh I really want to take a pic and post it up! Even had thoughts of laying all my matching running kit out..just to gaze lovingly at it..

Ooh gosh.. I fear these IC days are driving me crazy!!!

 Suppose it beats uploading selfies on fb.. lol.  

Not that I ever did by the way :p

Thinking RUN..  x

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I know!! I am on W4 and all I think about is running! The drawer under my bed has been cleared out and all my running kit is there in one place.  My family are seriously worried that I lost my marbles somewhere on W1R1!!!


Love it!


Yep.... it is uncanny how it all changes... who would have thought that new running gear could provide the same delight as the funkiest designed fashion item ever...

I totally know where you are coming from! :)


Same here, still on IC but desperate to get out there!  I am even dreaming of running now...


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