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Still not 'match ready'

Unfortunately the cold which stopped me in my tracks at the weekend and put a kibosh on my Monday start decided to it wanted to stick around and pee me off so i have still not managed to start my C25K :(  

Even though i haven't managed to start yet i have still been out with the dog.  Monday saw me straight to bed after a 30 minute stroll with her, was feeling really dejected at this point.  Last night i managed another 30 minute stroll and i even got up this morning with the other half, only another 30mins but at his slow pace which is quite a brisk walk for me (he's quite a bit taller!)  

It's such a lovely day and I've been feeling a bit better as the morning has passed so went for a walk round the block after lunch (0.8m-17mins).  Have also made a conscious effort to go up to the next floor at work for bathroom breaks to get a little more exercise in.  And I've even been keeping on track with my calories which i'm finding really tough.  I always feel ultra hungry when i have a cold and the fact that i have cut down isn't helping but i'm sticking to it.

Feeling really positive despite feeling crap.

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Stick with it. getting fitter is always a good idea. it's not easy, but anything worth doing seldom is ☺

Walking the dog is a great cross training exercise. I try and walk everywhere these days. it's much easier to run and walk when some weight has been shed

I hope you can crack on soon with the programme. you only need to do very slow jogs


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