WK8R1 Almost There.... πŸ€—


Another week and I decided to get RunKeeper ready but would not start until Laura says 'OK that's 5 minutes it's time to start' so the time came and as she was counting down '3...2...1' I stop on 3 then started RunKeeper and then Started Laura up and we were off....

After Friday's run and Laura AWOL for 5 minutes I already had the stopwatch going then on 5 minutes Laura came on as normal πŸ€— Yippee everything back to normal I was using my new root so hill came and went and again the local speed community were out again..

Ten minutes came and went and I passed a woman walking a rather excited Jack Russell! and then I started to feel it in both knees πŸ˜– Slowed down and breathed deep there was one part of my body that was running without any problem or holdup my nose! And my eyes weren't far behind! Then Laura came on to say 'halfway we have run for 14 minutes' this was a lot different to Friday.... Legs... Knees... Hips... Calves all aching and painful! But still kept going as 25 minutes came and thoughts of 'Come on You can give up now' away with you Gremlins πŸ‘Ή πŸ’ͺ 'We are going to finish this...'

 Laura came on to say the familiar 'OK Slow down that's it..' And then cut off so stopped an got out my iPhone and went to the RunKeeper app and it stopped after 2 minutes!!! Then looked at stop watch and it was showing 26.50!! What! I started to question at what point had I pressed the start on the stop watch? Then I remembered that I had started it before pressing the resume on the C25K so what was happening? Then Laura came on again saying 'OK Slow down that's it' but kept going so what had happened?why did she stop? I could almost hear the 'Twilight Zone' music start or Mulder and Scully to suddenly leap out on me!!πŸ‘½ Had the Gremlins got into both apps? πŸ‘Ή Or did the Aliens πŸ‘½ Abduct Laura on Friday and replace her with a replica who wants me to fail? I walked the 5 minute warm down watching and listening..... 

Wednesday is R2 so if you don't hear from me again..... πŸ‘½ 'We are not alone and they are watching us run πŸƒ' and to all Keep on Running...


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7 Replies

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  • Pah! Technology! Fine when it works eh? Bad enough having gremlins in our minds without getting the, in the machines too!

    So close to graduation now!

  • I had a HUGE hissing fit in a packed car park on Saturday morning when I was 40 minutes into my run and finally decided I needed to check Strava before I died..... it stopped tracking me after 25 seconds!!!! I used the internet when I got home to check my route and it said 5K so sod it, I'm going with that!

  • So close Papa Bear... ; neither hills nor gremlins, crocked knees, calves, legs, hips, wet weather or wind, shall stop you!

    You are so, going to rock this...!

    Onwards and upwards... do it for your little royal couple :)

  • 😚 Glad to see Your back up and running πŸ€— Brings to mind 'If You go down to the woods today Your in for a BIG supprise.... Cos Floss will be passing You disguised as Tigger 🐯' πŸ˜‰

  • Well done OldPapaBear not far now to graduation.

  • Thanks Patrick I see your storming it now.... πŸƒ I can see the ribbon already πŸ…

  • These things are definitely sent to try us. No stopping you now though. You're doing great.

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