Easter achievements

I managed 5K! The first was on Easter Sunday and despite being dry when I let home I was battered by wind, torrential rain, hail and then thunder and lightning! I thought I did well to complete it in 50 minutes!

Then this Saturday I did it again in 45 minutes. Still a way from the 30 minutes 5K but I was still sooooooooooo pleased to reach the distance!

3 Replies

  • Go you... doing just fine! :)

  • Well done. Just keep consolidating and you time will gradually come done - there's no rush after all. Your doing great!

  • You are doing great Phoenix, not everyone can do 5K in 30 minutes.

     After a break of nearly 3 weeks, I managed to do 5K  on the treadmill in 46 minutes.

    Feel proud of yourself xxx

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