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yay W7 R1 30 minutes of exhilaration thanks to the club


Did the 5 minute warm up walk, started as I meant to go on, pace wise, really enjoying myself, weather was lovely, good run, breathing great, shin splints a thing of the past, no cramps, no sicky feeling, no beetroot, decent conversation, told the tail person that I was going to cut across the bridge because I only had 5 minutes of run time left, that is OK they said, this course is over 5K if you take the bridge you will still have done 5K, wow 5K I did it, almost, Laura tells me 60 seconds left, yeah right going to step it up, not! Tail tells me that will take me to the top of the ramp, well it did, then there was only another 4-500 metres left (really felt like a mile to me) to cool down walk or do another 5 minutes of running, LEGS WOULD NOT STOP RUNNING, so yay ran my first 5K in 30 minutes running all the way

Have now decided that I will continue the rest of the runs (8 more?) as 30 minutes rather than 25, 28 then 30 because thank you Laura, NHS, support group, SRC running community I can run, I want to run, I will run , what a feeling...horizon here I come :-)

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Brilliant performance! WELL DONE! and good luck for the rest of the plan!

tor41Graduate in reply to Beek

Thanks Beek hope your runs are going well too :-)


Wow, well done you! Very impressive.

tor41Graduate in reply to Scipio

Thank you, good luck with your runs, see we can do it:-)


Brilliant news Tor congratulations and all the very best on your new journey as a 5k + runner :)

tor41Graduate in reply to Ryansson

Thank you Ryansson it has been a journey :-)


WOW you're doing incredibly well and it's heartwarming to read your post. You are clearly enjoying your running and will go from strength to strength. Good luck with your club running

tor41Graduate in reply to Mazzero

Thank you Mazzero good luck with your running too I certainly am enjoying mine, looking forward to the fivers and B210K :-)


Goodness me what a really fantastic and wonderful achievement. Not many of us report posts like that-so onward and upwards.

Happy running:-)

tor41Graduate in reply to suzybenj

Thank you Suzybenj amazingly I struggled doing the one minute runs 7 weeks back, definitely onwards and upwards, how are your runs going?


Fabulous tor! What a joy to read. :-) All the best for your future runs!

tor41Graduate in reply to dottiemay

Thank you Dottiemay, looking forward to graduating this has been such a great journey, hope your runs are going well :-)

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