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W3R2, oh the pain in my calves!

Just completed W3R2. I had a little calf pain niggle when I did w3R1, but nothing like this! Started as an ache on the first 3 minute run, 2nd 3 minute run it was like my legs just didn't want to move. Any slower and I'd have stopped! Calf ache starts to subside as soon as I stop running. I'm fine now I've been finished for about 10 minutes. No idea why, maybe my legs just don't like the extra time spent running?!😦

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It's a common and annoying pain! Whatever you do don't run through too much pain you may regret it, pull a muscle etc.  slow down. And slow down some more. Stretch after not before. Get a calf roller (ouch but they work).  And remember ice packs are great too. Good luck! 

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Ooh, I just googled calf roller, looks like some form of torture you're suggesting here!😯 Although Google did give me a laugh, you know how it starts trying to guess what you're searching for while still typing? I got as far as 'calf R' and one of the suggestions was calf reduction surgery! 😱

Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll try it. I'm stretching after running at the moment, as one of my physio colleagues suggested. I can't slow down any more, I'll be back to walking if I go any slower than my last jog!


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