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I'm bonkers

I'm on a business trip today and so far have not run in "foreign" cities, even when on the programme, but always squeezed the runs around the days I've been away. Not this time, you lot have persuaded me that "running tourism" is also fantastic fun. So instead of just taking a rucksack with a change of clothes I have a case with running shoes (and a change of clothes) and intend to do "Speed" around the not so beautiful streets of Frankfurt tomorrow morning. Route mapped out! Actually quite excited about it. And it's all your fault!

On another note I ran "Stepping Stones" again yesterday morning. I found it difficult again, too fast at the beginning and the gremlins were screaming that if I couldn't keep this pace up how on earth would I be able to increase the pace. But this time I could ignore them and managed the whole thing. It got easier half way through and I was definitely able to up the pace for the last 5 mins. This was reflected in my stats which nicely show the increase in speed corresponding with the increase in cadence. It's just there was no increase in cadence - which is weird! I did indeed start out too fast at about 158 (instead of 150), increasing to 163 (instead of 155), then DROPPING to 153 (instead of increasing to 160). Very odd. My sense of rhythm is obviously crap. I wasn't very fast, but quite pleased I'd stuck it out. Also very pleased that my 8 km run on Saturday left me feeling absolutely fine. 

So having got a few decent runs in over the last few days I'm feeling a bit more secure. 

And now let's see what Frankfurt has to offer!

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Brilliant!  Running tourism is the best!  I usually ask at the hotel reception desk as well because they are used to it and will quite often tell you good places to run.  Have a great time, take photos and post to tell us all about it :)

Well done for Stepping Stones too.  It took me a while to hear the rhythm - and heaven help me when people got in my way or I had to dodge round a car!


I started this program while in Houston, and although I have spent many months there, still found places I hadn't seen before to go running.  

I also went running in Glasgow while on a break, and found it to be a peaceful haven with some lovely runs and pathways linking parks. 

I travel quite a bit with work and I am looking forwards to running tourism, and will be moving to Paris later this year.  I have found a blogger who maps out runs around Paris, and I am more excited about that than the promotion (well, almost)!!!

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