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Week 6 Day 3


I didn't end up doing the run with its usual day gap however I did still do it and my next available time (today)

calves a bit better although due to 2 times knee surgery etc I always have twangs (ops due to my love of netball)

I had to walk twice however I was on a treadmill so kept the walk speed at the same speed as I was jogging at so is this a fail? or a really jog :)

On a plus side the first 10 minutes I genuinely felt great and also managed to do a sprint finish

will see how I get on with the week7 day 1 then assess weather I need to go back

2 weeks until dirty dozen 6k obstacle race and at least I feel I can finish it now

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No that's not a fail at all.

Make sure you are working on your upper body strength as well though - that's going to be the critical thing at DD, more than your running.


Agreed! I've been doing the NHS 12 week fitness plan which incorporates strength and flexibility also been doing weights on the days rest from running.


Agree.. you NEVER really fail if you try.. and that certainly wasnt!! was merely a postponement ! ( we are always too hard on ourselves I think at times) good for you... well done!! 

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