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Not long ago, I recounted the events of the day when my parkrun record was on the way to being smashed (less than 40 minutes!) and failure ensued when I had a loose shoelace (which surely must have taken minutes to retie?). A kind soul (of which there are many here) recommended elastic lock shoelaces, which I had never heard of. No problem in finding them on Ebay and I invested £1.99 in a pair. After testing I can thoroughly recommend them - no looping lace and passing it through to make the knot. Just put the shoe on and pull the laces to ensure good fit.

But then you all knew this.

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Actually, I had never heard before of elastic lock shoelaces.

Not sure whether I would need them but it is good to know they exist.



Glad youre sorted Austen !

I used to have a mare with my laces but then I got some bobbly things from Amazon. Not sure what theyre called but theyve done the trick !

 You just thread your laces through them and thats it . Job done ! :-) xxx


I have always had a problem with show laces coming undone and have often bitten the bullet and finished parkruns with loose laces.  i found an article on how to tie show laces up so they don't come undo. Viola ! it works, no more laces coming undone.  The trick is simple, after making the loop with one lace instead of passing the other lace round the back you take it round the front. apparently it becomes more taught.


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