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week 6 day 2 - farewell walking breaks

I have just finished my week 6 day 2 run (3.9k) which was thoroughly enjoyable - and slightly nerve racking when I realised it is the last run with walking breaks! Urm....

Still, the plan has worked so far (I never thought I would have done w5d3 until I did) so holding (very tightly) onto that thought.

For the beginners - if you are anything like me you felt like dying after week 1, day 1, run 1 - keep going (slowly!) and focus on technique rather than speed - snails pace if needs be. Believe me - it all comes together and stamina _is_ being built whilst you run slow. 

Keep going! :-).

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Well done, just pure running left now then 😀


I did mine yesterday, and I really consider myself a runner now!

Run 3 tomorrow, and I am now busy planning routes and ensuring I have enough 'flat' routes to soak up the time.

I regard W5R3 to be the defining point in the program, W6R2 to be the point of no return, and week 9 the start of a new chapter.


I'm just about to go on my week 6, day 2 run and kinda bricking it! I ended week 5, day 3 on a high couldn't believe I did 20mins and felt fine! Then did week 6, day 1 and thought I'll be able to do this fine just keep a similar pace... Boy was I wrong! Felt like I was dying after 😦 I find that my calves are really tense and if I keep a slower pace it hurts just as much but if I speed up my breathing goes whack 😣 


Hi Keyley - if you are anything like me you probably started way too fast due to the fact you managed the 20 minute run. Your mind probably forgot about the pain and effort you put into the 20 minute run and so at the start of week 6 you thought "yeah, I can run 20 minutes just fine" - rose tinted glasses and all that :-).

I am sure you will be able to get through this and will rock the next run. I would absolutely make sure that you start slowly though - now I no longer have walking breaks (week 7 day 2 today) there is no forgiveness for poor pacing - start too fast and you pay for it the entire run :-). Both week 7 runs have been a trial, due entirely to the fact I started too quickly...

Go do week 6 day 3 - you will rock it :-).


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