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Weight loss update

Weight loss update

I thought that now I've finished week 9, I'd give an update on my weight loss over the course of the plan.

Since I started in September I've lost a total of 10 lbs, I've maintained this loss since early October so hopefully, with consistently longer runs moving forward my weight loss will kick in again.

Saying that, although I've not lost any weight for a few week, the inches have still been dropping off :-) Since the start of C25K I've lost 3.5 inches off my chest, 3.5 inches off my waist and another 3.5 inches off my hips.

Overall I'm pleased with the results and hopefully by the time I go on holiday in March I'll have lost a bit more :-)

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Well done you .... i've been running since may and to date i've lost 2 stone which is staying off and still dropping off - i shape has changed so much. I had a tip from a fellow blogger switch to organic milk - they give cattle hormones to fatten them up and produce more milk so could that make us grow too? I have our sons wedding in March so still half a stone to go - well done x


> ... switch to organic milk - they give cattle hormones to fatten them up and

> produce more milk

Actually growth hormone in cattle have been banned in the EU since 1988. I've nothing against anyone eating organic products (animal or vegetable), but do it for the right reasons.


Good for you Clare

10lbs is about what I've lost too. Although getting fitter was my main aim, it's a real bonus to see the number on the scales get smaller and stay that way (despite the odd cheeky reward every now and again!).

I'm amazed with the shape change! I've been swimming for 2-3 times a week and maintained that barrel shape for a while. Then only 9 weeks after starting to run/walk/shuffle/proper run I'm starting to look half decent. In fact, I may actually not be ashamed to take my wet suit off on the dive boat next year!

Someone once said to me - don't bother with the scales, just stand in front of the mirror and jump up and down! Any excess wobbly bits are apparent when you do this.

Stick at it girl - Mo x


10lbs sounds great! I am on week 6 now and dont appear to have lost any weight so far, although think my shape is changing and definitely getting fitter :-)


HI Clare - I just realised I didn't join in your grad party - life got in the way so I haven't been posting much. Here's a belated CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE!!!!! :-D I always think of you as having started around the same time as me so it's wonderful to hear that you got there despite injury etc.

Congrats on your weight loss as well - 10 lbs is great! Weight loss is a really weird aspect of this running thing. I lost a big zero until week 6 (despite being on a Slimming World diet that had already lost me 2 1/2 stone since January. Then it start coming of maybe 1/2 or 1 lb a week, sometimes nothing. Then suddenly, on a week when I'd only run twice and done speed rather than longer runs I lost 3lb all at once. I'm off to SW again this evening to see how I've done this week. Just hope I won't have put any back on! I think the weight loss comes if you don't think about it too much.

I am definitely smaller than I was in January - but then 3 stone lighter I should be! Firmer as well since starting running. I don't think I've lost anything like your number of inches though and still wouldn't be too confident in a swimsuit (apart from my baggy tankini with swim shorts instead of bikini bottoms if that's not too gross an image!)

What's your post-grad running program like? Are you doing C26K+ or something else? Can't say I like the 5k+ music but until I've sorted out the bpm program and my own playlists I guess I'm stuck with it.

Off too SW now - wish me luck :-) Ann xx


Fantastic, Clare!! Congratulations on your weight loss and your loss of inches!! Both are a true testament to how much fitter you are becoming!! Well Done!!

Gayle and I have spent the last year and a half slowly dropping some extra pounds. Over that amount of time it has certainly become a new way of eating and a new way of life!! I can't even imagine how it would have been if we tried this program while we were both still at our top weights!!

Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)



Snap! Same as you Clare-so I know I'm right on target too. Isn't it just fab to drop a dress size. Don't know about you, but I look in the mirror and just cannot believe I look so different, just with a few pounds off. So good to have someone at the same level. Really fantastic to think you've done what you set out to do.

Yesw Swanscot is right about the milk-I gave out this advice a few weeks back. It was my GP that told me. You need wholemilk, not semi because the high GLA (Gammaloenic Acid) burns fat, and has 64% less LDL (bad cholesterol) than the other milk, so will bring down your cholesterol levels. I had a problem with sensitivity to dairy products (because, as it turns out, the antibiotics as I am allergic to a great deal of them). Change you meat/fish source too. for the same reason. Switch to "Farmers Choice". It maybe a little dearer, but no additives given to the animals, and they are loved and cherished too. They deliver the products to your house, and you receive loyalty bonus products too. I now have no pain when I eat meat or fish, and no wheezing with milk. In fact I was mainly on Soya milk. My GP challenged me to drink a glass of Organic milk-I did and felt great!

Good luck Clare.

Keep on Running!

Colette x"


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