When is 2 years not 2 years?

Today is my second runniversary. Yes, today I have officially been running for 2 whole years......but actually I haven't. Since embarking on this wonderful programme, I've had 2 months off with a knee injury, 5 months off with a broken ankle and, most recently, 2 months off with asthma and the chest infection from hell. So, by my reckoning, that's at least 9 months on the IC, totally vindicating my choice of a clapped out 1970s car as my profile picture, as I definitely spend as long in the repair shop as I do on the road.

The things I have learned over the 2 years are:

1) I really love running, but sometimes a run can be more enjoyable when it's over than it is when you're actually doing it.

2) Any run is better than no run. We say this a lot on this forum and it really is true.

3) Never compare yourself to other people. Unless you're Usain Bolt, there's always someone who can run faster and, even if you can run 10 marathons in 10 days, there are plenty of people who can run 11 in 11 days.

4) This forum is the friendliest, most constructive place on the Internet. I can count the times I've read cross words on here on the fingers of one hand.

5) Never ever give up.  If you stop running for a while for whatever reason, and end up having to repeat the programme, then embrace it. You will be faster and stronger second time around because your body will know what to expect. I'm redoing some of the early weeks again for the third time to build up my strength after my asthma setback, because there's nothing quite like Laura and her cheesy music to get you back on the straight and narrow.

There are loads of other things I could have included in my list, and maybe you could add your own thoughts. I'll just say a big thank you for all your comments, advice, encouragement  and kind words over the last 2 years -it's been a joy. xxx


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43 Replies

  • Oh AM happy Runniversary to you! You have been through the wars with your injuries but you still remain upbeat and postitive and you really are a Wise One! Thank you for your fab support to me and everyone else on this forum. It wouldn't be the same without you and when you're not around you are badly missed. 

    I agree with everything you say and no5 certainly applies to you! I'll raise a toast to you and I wish you an injury free, joyful year ahead. xxx

  • Well thank you, Sweetie. I'll certainly raise a glass with you to an injury free year for the both of us. And thank you for all your kind words and encouragement both today and over the last 2 years -they mean a lot xxx

  • Happy Runniversary our lovely Epic Mum !

     You have been a constant support to me since I joined, always on hand to share your wisdom and encouragment , even though you have had to battle injuries, you have always been here for us all.

    I shall raise a cup of Yorkshires finest to you , my lovely lady

    Heres to the next one , Cheers ! :-) xxx

  • Cheers Poppy, Sweetie. I'm raising my cup of Yorkshire's finest right back at you. You're always so upbeat and encouraging on here and it's really really appreciated.

     Have to admit to being a bit glum for a while over this latest setback, until I worked out that I needed to get reacquainted with lovely Laura. Your timely message whilst I was doing my online course and not checking in to the forum very often, helped me no end. 

    So cheers m'dear and here's to the next years running for both of us xxx

  • Happy runniversary AM, wise words well said and glad you're still enjoying it!

  • Ah, thank you Sweetie. Hope all's well with you these days xx

  • What a lovely post. I identify with all of it! I am currently on IC after asthma escalation (almost certainly brought in by my irresponsible HM with chest infection 10 days ago!) and have been put on oral steroids for a week. Am I completely bonkers to hope this might make me run faster? I feel you will empathise AM.

  • Thank you TT, yes we've certainly had plenty of injuries and ailments to contend with over the last couple of years, haven't we? Although you've managed to squeeze in some remarkably impressive running in between yours.

    Such bad news about your asthma flare up. It just leaves you as weak as a kitten, doesn't it? Can't imagine contending with it *and* the aftermath of a HM. At least the course of steroid rescue works pretty quickly. I'll be interested to know how you feel when you start running again- I needed Ventolin after every run for a couple of weeks after I restarted, although that could have been down to the damp weather and traffic fumes.

    Take care TT. Hope you're back to full fitness very soon xx

  • Thanks AM. WE will survive!!

  • Happy runniverary!!!!!!!!!!!  It's gone like lightning hasn't it!  You had it rough with your flipping broken ankle and I admire your patience throughout your recovery.  All that time you were suffering but you were always so supportive of everyone else

    I hope that there won't be any interruptions for you this year!

  • Cheers m'dear. You're definitely one of my inspirations MissW -you've got the World's biggest 'can do' attitude and it's very infectious. Keep doing what you do- you're an example to us all xx

  • Happy runniversary Ancient mum!you really are like one of the proper forum mums with your "can do"encouragement  and "never give up" attitude. I'm not sure I'd have been as resilient as you if the tables were turned. You've always been there with encouraging words for us all and one of my original forum pals,  don't know what I'd do without you ,poppy, MW,  IP and No-excuse plus I'm sure many others with whom we can chat and support each other. Long may it continue! 😊

    Lots of lovely points made in your post, not sure what I can add but think I'm feeling a bit comatose but wanted to reply to let you know how well thought of you are here😊

    🎂🍰🍻cheers AM!😆

  • Ah, Lovely Ali, as you say, one of my original forum pals, what a lovely thing to say. I've so enjoyed reading about your runs with George dog and, more recently, your amazing races. You're doing brilliantly. 

    You're right, this forum is wonderful supportive place. Take care m'dear xxx

  • Oh goodness...for once....lost for words...but full to the brim with appreciation.!

    Here's to you :)

  • Well thank you Floss, that's such a lovely thing to say, although I'm not sure I want to render such an eloquent lady speechless. Suspect the forum will be up in arms if you're lost for words for too long 😉 x

  • Ha ha! Not sure about that!!!! :)

  • You've given me lots of advice and wisdom. I do admire all the "older" graduates (only I terms of how long you've graduated) for sticking with us newbies on this forum and providing us with so much encouragement. I really appreciate it and take it to heart. 

  • Thank you m'dear. How could I not hang around on the forum? It's so lovely to read everyone's successes as they work their way through the programme from breathless newbie to confident and enthusiastic runner. You're doing brilliantly well and should be delighted with all you've achieved- it's been a joy to follow your progress 😀

  • Congratulations AM!

    Such a great post.

    Thank you for all your words of support, encouragement and butt kicking! xx

  • Thank you lovely Noaky and right back at you. You've done your fair share of encouraging and supporting me too, although I suspect you're far to nice to have done much butt kicking xx

  • Happy runniversary! 2 years (ish!!!!). Be mine in July. It's amazing isn't it. You e done amazingly well to still love it after all those set backs and injuries. Well done you. I hope you have many more happy runny years!!! Xxx 

  • Cheers Toonie. Hope you're back running very soon too xx

  • So many setbacks! Not sure I would have perservered in your place AM. Let's hope it is injury free from here on. 

  • Thank you, Bop- I've got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I'll have a few months injury free running one of these days

  • Happy 2nd Runniversary AM. Here's to many more, hopefully injury free!! 

  • Thanks Beth, I'll drink to that 😀😀

  • Happy runniversary AM! I hadn't realised how close together we started,my 2 year runniversary is coming up,  I started C25K the first week of May. I assumed you'd been running much longer than me...You've done fantastically well, always cheerful and encouraging even when you're OIC...You'll get there again, Laura will see you right.

    Raising my cup of PG, big hug to you xx

  • Thank you Sarah, my lovely running twin. Hope you're back's feeling better now xx

  • Thank you Carrie, I found a new osteopath who seems to have sorted that out, just need the achilles to behave itself now...xx

  • Happy belated 2nd runniversary! Mine is coming up soon, too. But it's on my wedding day so not sure I'll make it onto the forum ;)

    I always really appreciate your encouragement. You are always so lovely and thoughtful!

    You're one of the bravest people around, getting back into running after a broken ankle? That takes some serious guts, but you did it - just amazing! :)

    You'll soon get into it again, too, big hugs to you my dear! XX

  • Thank you, Caz, Sweetie. We will, of course, excuse you from posting on your wedding day, but only if you promise to post loads of pictures of the big day. I'm assuming you'll be running to the venue in all your finery ;-)


  • Happy runniversary, AM :)  Just stopping in here to say you are a joy - always an inspiration, always there with a kind or supporting word, even when you've been struggling through adversity.  Here's to many more years of happy running for you xx

  • Aww thank you Annie, that's such a lovely thing to say. xx

  • Happy Runniverssary :)   Well done for your determination.  Excellent post :)

  • Cheers Zev, you speedy, speedy person et merci beaucoup

  • Thankyou  your words have really inspired me. I have recently completed week one of couch to 5k, an achievement for me I can tell you as I have never run in my life, so I really felt like jumping up and down when it was done. However I know my body enough to realize that I am quite away off week 2 and not yet ready to run for 2 minutes so I carried on with week 1. The trouble is I work 12 hour shifts etc so there has been a bit of a gap since my last run, which has left me feeling a bit despondent. I so want to continue to improve my ability but its just so difficult finding enough time and energy to get my backside out there. I'd almost resigned myself into giving up when I read your post. You sound as if you have been through the mill yet you have still got off your bum and carried on regardless. Your words have encouraged me to get my trainers back on and not to give up. You are so right, any run is better than no run x 

  • Oh Karen, thank you. That's the great thing about this forum: you can be feeling a bit fed up or disinclined to run, but after reading half a dozen posts all you want to do is pull your trainers on and get out there. I've lost count of the number of times reading a post on here has prompted me to get out and run, or I'm delighted to have had that effect on you today. Really hope you enjoyed your run x

  • Happy runniversary AM ,the main thing is you are still out there doing  :) and long may you :)

    No5 is the key , even in those dark days of the ic staying positive and being patient gets you back :) Here's too that injury free year for you xx 

  • Cheers Not_So_Slow_Rob. We both know the importance of sticking with it when things don't go according to plan. Really hope I'll be following your lead and running a few 10ks by the end of the year xx

  • HOLA!! <<<<Huge Wave and Grin>>>> Many congratulations on the Runniversary - 2 year wow that has gone super super quick!! I hope there was cake, tea and maybe some bubbles at your party, sorry i missed it again but I will there for the 3 year party!! 

    I can't agree with you more - this is the friendliest place on the earth. Any run is better than no run. I agree never give up as running is worth it. I have missed the freedom and I can't wait for May so I head outside again but this time in the Great British Countryside or towns (as not got a home its a bit hard to know) 

    Many Congrats and Hopefully a year of good health and plenty of  happy running adventures!! 

  • HOLA VIX *AncientMum jumps up and down waving frantically * So good to hear from you. Not long til you're back in Blighty now. Hope you find somewhere lovely with roses round the door, a nice pub and long safe well-lit running routes just a stones throw from your front door. Definitely have to have a forum housewarming party when you get settled xxx

  • How are you? How is the running going. I hope you are having a good easter and have got nice chocolate eggs!!! Ah thanks yeah not long now! I miss the running in the gym its not going well and outside it too hot and polluted. 

    Sounds like the perfect house!! I hope we can find somewhere. Will miss everyday being a running day - in terms of dry weather but looking forward to coming home.

  • I'm ok Sweetie, thanks. Easter eggs have been acquired and are sitting on the sideboard tempting me!! 

    Had a lovely run this morning, w3r2 revisited again. The annoying thing is that although I can run 5k, I've lost a lot of stamina and speed as a result of being ill at the beginning of the year, so I'm using Lovely Laura to boost my fitness. I'm just a sucker for the early weeks of the programme 😄

    Have got my fingers crossed that you find somewhere perfect to come home to xx

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