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Nothing HELPS!

Hey Everybody, I am in need of some answers.

I have been athletic my whole life. From the time I was in elementary I have ran 5Ks with my aunt. As I reached high school I played basketball and ran track. The day after my events I had a little pain on the inner part of my ankle. I always ignored it because I was "tough" and the pain was bearable. By my junior year of high school my pain was awful. If I ran/jogged my achilles would get so so tight and put me in pain I could not stand. I would do lots of stretching before practices and even have to stop during workouts. The pain is indescribable. I can not walk but many say I "waddle" around and can tell I am in pain. Now I am in college and I have been working out at the gym. I CAN NOT even jog on a treadmill a quarter mile and my legs are "hard as a rock" up to my knee, it just about puts me in tears because of the stiffness they get. I have never went to a doctor because people tell me I am out of shape but the more I work out the worse it seems to get and even in high school - the problem was worse at the end of the season when I should have been in my best overall shape. If anyone knows what I need to do please let me know. Would this be chronic exertion compartment syndrome? I do not get tingly feeling in my feet, only my achilles up to my knee (chins, calf, achilles) get extremely hard and stiff.

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There is one and only one thing you should do; visit a doctor.


Agree you need to see a doctor


I agree with the post above I'm afraid. We always say On here if In Doubt check it out. We have many members on this site of all different shapes and sizes and we have had some with pains as they have learnt to run. The doctors is a really good place to get positive advice. I dont think I have heard one person come back from the doctors to be told it's because of their size or fitness so if if is that that's putting you off don't let it. It could just be that your road to fitness starts of with a talk to you doctor.


You shouldn't have let it go on.. Hope you can get it sorted. Go with secan's comment...


I agree with Secan and Realfoodieclub above. The only thing that I would add is to see a sports physician, not just a GP. From personal experience, the GP will tell you to ice the injury and stay off of it for 6-8 weeks (which no runner wants to hear) as opposed to a sports physician that would still have you keep running, but under certain circumstances ig: reduced speed, distance, etc. Good luck! Let us know how you make out after seeing the doctor.

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To not be able to stand or walk should ring alarm bells!? Go and see a doctor, you can't risk making it worse.


And to add tuppence worth, certainly you should seek expert advice (not Google!) and I might add the suggestion of seeing a podiatrist.  Achilles problems are probably caused by many things, but heel height/positioning seems to be a big culprit.  


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