W5 we have lift off

I'm writing this in the garage waiting for my car to have its first MOT. Luckily the radio is on so the other punters can't hear me wheezing like a squeeze box.

Of all the things I expected the young man on the reception to say, when confronted by my lycra-encased lard, "we have no record of your booking " was not one of them. I firmly shook him by the neck until he agreed to book me in.

I found a lovely flat and not too muddy field and managed to get through the run. Really slow and have to say that I hated every minute of it!

My main problem is my breathing as I'm still out of breath after the walks and I feel like I'm struggling to get enough air in. This may be due to having been a committed smoker until December? Any top tips on improving this - don't tell me to slow down - if I go any slower I'll be going backwards 😀

Happy Monday couchers xx


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11 Replies

  • Hmm mm, if you are running very slowly I can only think it's the fags. If you've not long since given up the gaspers you can still expect your lungs not to be firing on all cylinders. They need time to recover

    They will though given time. Just keep going! Slow but sure, steady as she goes. You will get better and stronger each session but you have to have faith in yourself and the programme to deliver.

    You may have been in a hurry and a bit stressed this morning what with your MOT etc, so might not have had the best start today. Hopefully you will start to enjoy yourself once it starts to get a bit easier and your breath not so hot and raspy. Red hot throat sorta thing. We've all been there. Gazelles we ain't! Well not yet Mebbe 😊

  • Go backwards... :D

    Jokes aside, having been a smoker until quite recently does not help but there is no magic solution; if you are out of breath, slow down.

    Your speed will increase as you get fitter and your lungs get cleaner but it will take a while to repair the damages of years of smoking - I know it by direct experience -; you have to be patient.

  • Smoking causes many physiological problems, along with behavioral habits. Practice deep breathing after every meal -- when you are likely to crave a smoke. Do deep-breathing exercises again before you go to bed or at any time craving strikes. By quitting smoking and engaging in health-promoting activities such as deep-breathing, you can lose your hacking smoker's cough and shortness of breath. You become healthier as toxins are released from your body, and you are less subject to serious health conditions, such as heart attacks and emphysema.

  • Thanks all. I gave up in December and can say I don't have any cravings whatsoever (which is good) I also don't have a cough (which is also good). What I do have is a wheeze. Even now, an hour later and back at home - although my breathing is absolutely fine - I can still detect a faint wheeze. Anyway, I won't give up and it was still easier than w1r1 so I must be improving :)

    In other news, car passed MOT with no advisories - first test for my little car so I am a proud mum :D

  • I'm sat here wheezing a little after completing w5r1....I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago. I also read somewhere that deep breathing really helps, my lungs feel better already. Well done on your run and giving up the ciggies :)

  • That means you did the first three weeks fully fagged up :O I have no idea how you managed that but well done. I'll have a look on You Tube for some deep breathing exercises. I can do a deep out breath but not an in one.

  • It takes a very long time to recover from the damage of smoking as everyone here says. My Mum smoked.. and it was a long time before she was told she was like a non smoking person physically!

    So, sounds like.. that is why you are struggling.

    I have to say, in my opinion and take it from one who knows :) You can always go slower...try the lovely idea I borrowed from Rignold...

    Zombie Shuffle!

  • I think the key to breathing is to work on getting your body movements synchronised. If your breathing rhythm is different and not in sync with your running movements, it's all a lot harder than it should be. Try working on finding a way to breath in time with your feet.

  • Thanks for the tips. My problem (as mentioned above) is that I can exhale slowly but I can't do a deep inhale so they only way to breathe evenly would be to breathe pretty fast in time with the inhales. Sometimes it's not too bad - this was the earliest I have run so that might be part of the problem.

  • Oh, you are genius, I love your posts...!

    I think you've hit the nail (or indeed receptionist) on the head; your heart and lungs are recovering from abuse and (just like the receptionist) it'll take them a while to recover and become stronger.

    You've made some amazing, positive changes in your life, I'd be well proud of myself in your shoes (muddy or otherwise :o)

  • Thanks Pam and right back atcha. I've just cleaned my trainers and they were completely covered in mud and grass so I dread to think what a mess I left on the lovely shiny floors of the Fiat dealership this morning!

    Meh :D

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