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W4 R3

Quite an eventfull day, up early drive to Marshall at ParkRun, record turnout 250+ runners,

have coffee with family and friends in cafe, drive home, get changed into running gear.

Start W4 R3 all fine, get to "return home" point, go straight on to 2.5k turn for home, when I got to end of run/ warm down i just continued walking to the 5k point i,e home.

Before people say I did too much, I only completed W4 R3 then walked home .

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I was just gonna say that! I'll let you off then Patrick.

Park run will be waiting for you at Graduation. You could do it as your final run. That would be a blast if you could take your family to cheer you on

Meanwhile, take care on your runs. Nice and steady. Enjoy yourself. This is fun isn't it!

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Well done Patrick !

Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx


Well done you ! Onwards and Upwards!


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