Time off

Had a day trip to London and did a lot of walking so yesterday could hardly move ...so run even at a snails pace is not happening for a while. I'm off work this week but am back next week and my job is standing up all day therefore am resting up as I don't want to take time off work. Have decided that once my back has improved I will just go out for fast runs and not even try to run until I've strengthened myself. I still want yo do the running but obviously need to be stronger. Disappointed

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  • Rest up and forget about speed maybe?

    This is all about stamina, not speed, so when you feel fit enough, take a slow and steady run...

    It is meant to be an enjoyable journey not a race... and injuring yourself would be horrid.

    Slow down, smile and enjoy :)

  • Hope you had fun in London.

    Ensure you rest but don't worry about speed,build up slowly and in time the speed will increase.

    I started increasing distance and slow speed is increasing.

    I graduated in August and have still to do 5K in 30 minutes but Im running 10-15k each week

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