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WK4R3 now I know why the call it road running! it felt like Cheltenham 🐎

Friday night run and what a difference from Wednesday very dull overcast and cold!! Started off and had just got to the bit where Laura said 'OK it's time to do the first run' and suddenly just as I started to little old ladies came out of a turning and were 2 across the footpath so here we go out into the road increase pace.... Then completed that first run. Walked then got ready for next run and Southern Water decided that they were going to take over the pavement so it would not disturb traffic and force me to run in the road again! Then I walked again lucky really as then a car decided to reverse out of a driveway and I had to jump back to stop getting run over! Started my 3 minute run and a delivery Lorry decided to pull up and again take over the pavement so again forced onto the road. Walked again then started the last 5 minute run went well and then Laura said 'OK 1 minute to go...' So I decided to pickup the pace and by the end it felt good and look forward to running at that pace one day... Strength day tomorrow then Sunday off... Then WK5 🤔

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Well done ! That sounds more like an obstacle course than a run !

You did it ! Triumph in the face of adversity

Onwards , always :-) xxx


Haha! It'll be hurdles next! Well done.

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Brilliant.. and well done.. for your run, but mainly surviving those hazards; especially the little old ladies... we can be lethal when we move in pairs!!!!!

Sounds like an eventful run, but you did it and that is what counts... :)

What is that quote...?

"...the greater the obstacle, the greater the glory in overcoming it" :)


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