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Running and Biking?

Hello everyone :)

So I am in the middle of doing Couch to 5K, done the last of the intervals on Monday(Week 6 Run 2) and now have a 25 min run next. I have also started to biking to work to save money in the last few days, covering 3 miles in 23 mins (slow). I am getting a little leg tired and a bit sweaty, I haven't been on my bike for awhile so I am low in terms of leg stamina and I forgot how annoying heavy is it (old mountain bike which is ironically called a boulder) har har.

Anyway my question is, do you think its wise to go for a run after work even after a 23 min ride?

It's practically a double work out and it essentially means my only rest days are the weekend?


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Excellent idea, yes. Go for it. Are you going straight from ride to run? If so that will be a bit taxing on your stamina at first while you get used to it, but you can obviously skip the warmup part of the run as you will already be warmed up enough.

Don't forget to stretch after your ride on days you dont run, and do some strngtehing exercises as well to support those joints.


Normally I get for a run straight after work because if I sit down I won't want to go. Maybe it's best to throw my gear on and take a small break to recover?


thats more likely to give your muscles a chance to cool down and stiffen up nicely and make your run all the harder. If you have got the grit to do them back-to-back, then go for it. That is what the lycra-clad Triathlon brigade refer to as a 'Brick' session. Make sure you stay hydrated and then gloat in your extra brownie points when you get back.


ahhh ye I didnt think about that. I think I just might die with this haha!


Young Rignold there is a real fitness freak (which he'll probably deny) and also happens to be extremely fit (see some of his posts - I get exhausted just thinking about it!).

Now I would say "listen to your body". If it's too much at first then don't cycle every day, just build up to it, if that's what you want to do.

I wouldn't give up the 3x a week running though.

The general tone of all us "oldies" is build up slowly to avoid injury and burn out.

I don't think Rignold can even imagine burning out with the amount of energy he's got. But the rest of us are mere mortals!


I will give it ago and see what happens.

Going to try it tonight after a 2 day break from my last run, that means I can run on Saturday then Monday again.

Its 25 min runs + from today, that's a scary thought but hopefully I will be fine I will just take it easy and maybe shuffle till the end.

See how I feel through it and make a judgement call.


I was crazy.. I failed, I came in off the bike, got my kit on and went straight back out.

I couldn't settle, everything felt wrong and it put me in a bad mood. Rignold you are a bad man!

I gave up after 10 mins, walked for 3 then done another 5. My breathing was off, it was making me feel horrible and I just gave up and walked back. This was on the 17th.

So I gave myself a long rest and tried again on Sunday. I made it with a bit of a struggle but I done it. I have to say I put music in my ears and what a difference it made to my gremlins! Once a negative thought crept in, I just sang it away! I didn't have music in my ears on the other run and my head got the better of me.

I looked at my fitbit data, I have to say that for 95% of the time running I was in my peak heart rate which is probably why I was feeling it through the run but neither the less I got through it. 11 min miles, I think I might slow down to 12 min miles and see how I feel on the next run.

I feel fine this morning, my muscles where good and I decided to ride in to work this morning.

Question: I find this off but! Why doesnt running make my legs ache but once I finish riding to work oh boy there stift and sore!! The last time my legs hurt was when I had 2 weeks break in New Zealand and I ran again before all that I was fine after each run. This bloody bike is lethal!



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