Cheeky interval workout of the day

400m Sprint

30 24" Box Jumps

30 9' 9kg Wall Balls

repeat 5 times.

I did this with a partner and we took turns pn the wall balls and box jumps, breaking them up into sets of 10, which gave somebrief respite. By the third round, 'sprint' had become a euphemism for 'gasping shuffle'.

to add to the 'fun' , two of my children were on hand to witness my humiliation. "Daddy, why is your head purple?", but i will have my revenge on them as I am taking them to Family Fitness in an hour's time, at which the instructor was my partner in the abovementioned.

We were also the only team in the 'Masters' age group, and won by a clear 4 mnutes over the second place finishers, whose combined age was only just over half ours. Hah! They don't call us 'Masters' for no reason.

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17 Replies

  • Oh stop it Rignold! I need to lie down after reading this 😂

  • I have no idea what a wall ball is! However, I love the Masters reference. Sounds so much more appropriate than veteran (which I'll be in 6 months! )

    My kids are playing Battleship currently but I might shout out "let's go for a run" later. Hubby is doing The Deerstalker later today so we're very excited for him.

    Enjoy Family Fitness. Not sure what it is but sounds like every town should have one :)

  • Family Fitness is a saturday workout session for kids and parents - generally a combination of very active games and circuit training as competition between families. Depending on which families are there the ratio of 'fun' to 'competition' can vary considerably. Some have ultra-competitive parents, others it's the kids who take it really really seriously.

    Today was endless races - up the length of the gym in a variety of forms of locomotion - bear crawls, crab walks, hopping, inchworms, scooting on wheelie boards etc, then do 10 or 20 reps of situps, burpees, mountain climbers etc and back again. 18 or 20 rounds of it.

    Competition was pretty fierce today. There were some flared tempers and trembling lips. But team 'Rignold Riot Squad' won by a comfortable margin so great fun was had by us, my sons managed to be gracious in victory and a slap-up meal of stuffed crust pizzas and back forest gateau shall be laid on this afternoon (for the junior members of the team. I shall have a whole roast chicken and a plate of spinach).

  • Sounds like my family would be in the 'competitive but not victorious' brigade. It's great to think of the kids getting into some great habits for life. Long may it continue ☺

  • In the interests of full disclosure I should reveal here that they are now glued to the Playstation, and that was the carrot I used to get the youngest to participate.

  • Bribery is the most powerful tool in the parenting repertoire. ...

  • I see it as imparting a valuable life lesson.

  • How can an exercise that involves so much sitting down look so exhausting? 😄

  • the ball is just there for the purpose of illustration to show how low to squat. You dont actually have one in real life.

    The lower ball that is. The upper ball is very much there. Although ladies only have to use a 6kg one rather than a 9.

  • Hahahahahaha :D Oh my goodness, it's even worse than I thought!! There was me thinking it didn't look too bad, and possibly even within range of the likes of me. I should have know better, given that it was you who posted it :O

  • All a normal day in the Rignold household I see.

  • 'Active Rest' day, to be precise.

  • Those 2 words shouldn't be in the same sentence......,.😆

  • Wow... Hardcore man, what on earth is a wall ball? I am intrigued!!!

  • Just seen above!!!

  • Wow, what a hardcore bunch you lot are!

    The mention of the bribery reminded me of some of the things I heard at Parkrun to those youngsters who were getting tired.."you did it last week", "not far to go", "it's warmer round the corner", "home made biscuits are waiting" and my fave "mum's going to beat us now" (as mum and dog were fed up holding back, so went on leaving dad trying to cajole child!).

  • "Dad's going to beat you now" comes into play if the Playstation bribery doesn't work, but has a slightly different meaning.

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