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What a busy week

I love weeks like these. So many Graduation badges to give out. No matter what sort of day I'm having out of the blue I get an email from someone who is so excited about graduating and requesting their badge, it just brightens my day.

For those that have just graduated or about to I would like to offer a little advice.

This new found sport is such fun.

There are so many thing you can do with it, but remember it's still always going to be an achievement to run 30mins three times a week, never forget that or belittle it as you progress.

I always keep a memory of my weeks learning to run and if I have a bad run I think about the struggle I had getting to my first 30 min, it took me a lot longer than 9 weeks, and it puts everything back in perspective.

There are so many different ways your journey can go after Graduation, just remember to go out enjoy it and have a lot of fun which ever route you take.

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Thems wise words RFC.

Can you polish my badge so it's ready for next week please 😜


😃 I have put it to one side for you.

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Yes, wise words indeed! I haven't made as much progress recently as I wished, but I've made far more than I ever would have believed possible. It's all down to Laura and this forum. I love you guys!


Well said and how true.

Good to keep ourselves grounded and to be reminded how far we have come.

Thanks you :)


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