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Still running :-)

Well, I was feeling a bit guilty as after using this forum religiously whilst undertaking the programme, although I've been reading and catching up I haven't actually posted much since a couple of weeks after graduation. So, just for the hell of it I thought I'd bore you with a Wez update :-)

I graduated early January which was a shock in itself but vowed to keep running 3 times a week. We have had some very tough times at home with the loss of 2 beloved dogs within weeks of each other and at times I've felt that I just didn't have it in me and it showed with a handful of less than great runs. However over this last 6 weeks or so despite the upsets, I'm still going. I've done 3 Park Runs, squeezed a couple of 6k runs out of myself and last night for some unknown reason kept going for 7k.

I guess it's instilled in me now that believing you can do something is a massive part of motivating yourself and pushing just that little bit further. So a big round of applause to all of you going through your 9 weeks of madness now and also to those like me who've found something that they never really thought they'd be able to do let alone maintain. Keep it up :-)

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So sad for you losing your chums, but glad you are back on the scene!! You were one of the first people to reply to me when i was starting. :)

The running may help your upset too.. lose yourself in the runs... keep posting you :)

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Oh dear Wez, so sorry to hear about your dogs! You will miss them terribly! They do take so much of our time up don't they, so it leaves a yawning gap in our lives once they're no longer there. I borrow my neighbour's dog now I no longer have my own dog, and he has helped me go from fat to fit, bless im. Maybe you could do the same. I highly recommend it. I just walked him now in fact. He's here snoozing under the table

Good on you for keeping going with the running. It does help keep your spirits up and your body ticking over now that you're no longer walking the dogs. It's hard to imagine not running isn't it. I hope you can keep going a bit further and get to 10 k as that's just the best feeling it really is. No pressure though is there. You can take your time and enjoy yourself

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Good to hear from you wez. Your running is coming along great!

I knew about you having to have your dog put down but I hadn't realised you'd lost another dog too. That's awful losing 2 dogs, no wonder you've been feeling down.


We adopted Buster from the rescue that we got Chester from all those years ago, another boxer and he was beautiful. Within 48 hours of having him home he had to have a brain scan, they found a huge tumour and operated ... he died 2 days later so all in all, a pretty crappy 6 weeks :-(


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