Woo! w9 r1 done

After a disastrous w8 r3, I really wasn't looking forward to tonights w9r1. But to my surprise it went really well.

Can't quite believe I've nearly finished C25K. Week 1 was so hard at the time. But now with the help and encouragement of Laura and everyone on this forum, I can run for a full 30 minutes. OK I haven't managed to run for 5km yet but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

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  • That's so good! Really don't worry about the 5k until you feel comfortable with 30 mins, and don't be surprised if it takes you over 30 mins for the foreseeable future. I graduated in october and have only ever managed it in 35 mins and that was a very good day! Really its the next step up after achieving 30 minutes for most people!

    It's fabulous you've come so far, give yourself a pat on the back :)

  • Don't worry about the 5K, 30 minutes is fantastic. Only 2 runs left!!! :D

  • Well done jackjack. :) Well you have done all that hard work in the depths of winter... now your graduation week has a hint of spring around the corner... you have almost graduated and know that you can run for 30 minutes. Its a great feeling... enjoy your last two pre-graduate runs.... :)

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