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W3R20 - not a typo

Having had a break from running for a couple of weeks for one reason or another I went out yesterday morning back to trusty week 3, which is a popular choice for me when things haven't been going so well. Headed to the local park and it was a lovely sunny morning but flippin cold, it was a nasty little northerly. Legs felt like I was dragging lead lined trainers and I was quite out of breath but kept going. Tried to distract from the pain by looking at the daffodils and nodding to passing dog walkers (actually speaking was not an option!). Got through it though, but later in the day the familiar exhaustion was back and I was nodding off mid sentence, though it could have been the over excitement of the Liverpool game...

Anyway I think a lot of my problems are those of the mental kind - I'm going to collapse, have a heart attack etc. I figure if I have to stay at week 3 forever at least I'm out doing something but will try to battle the fear and go to week 4 next week. I never thought that it would be as much a mental battle as a physical one.

Tomorrow I am going to run along the seafront to watch the sunset which I hope will distract me from panicking about my heart rate and may even leave the Tomtom at home, and run free for a change.

Happy running everyone 😀

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Hi LisaRose. I had a quick look back through your previous posts and you talk about fatigue/exhaustion. The programme is definitely both a physical and mental challenge but perhaps you ought to be checked out by the doctor? I totally admire your strength and determination but perhaps there might be something else contributing to your exhaustion? Could be something as simple as anaemia but it could well be worth checking out.

Well done in getting out there and, as you say, doing any kind of exercise is preferable to sitting on the couch.


Thanks for your reply hilbean. I went to the docs in December and had loads of blood tests which were all normal. I am due to go back next week so will see what he says but in the meantime will keep plodding on!


Well, that's good news. Maybe it would be worth just trying W4R1? Maybe that would give you a bit of a confidence boost?

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Are you eating and drinking enough? If so, I'd agree with Hilly, give W4 a go, you might surprise yourself x

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