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My name is Anna and I am trying to figure out how to get healthy. I have BIZARRE health experiences here in Tennessee, and every time I try to reach out for health, it seems like other things come up- it is completely abnormal. I have suffered from Bulimia my entire life and want to know if running is healthy for me, why I cant seem to shake the disease behavior, and what the heck is going on here in Tennessee.

Need support



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Hi Anna,

You've found the right place for gently support and motivation in building a healthy lifestyle, starting with the NHS couch to 5k programme. Be aware though that we are all amateurs rather than health professionals, so while you'll see a lot of good advice on this board, don't take it as medical advice that replaces seeing an MD in good ole Tennessee.

I would turn the question around. Why should running NOT be healthy for you? The programme starts very very gently with 60 seconds running.

All the best.

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C25K is a really good programme and provided you listen to your body and take things slow and steady it gradually builds up both your running ability and your confidence in yourself. Just spend a few minutes reading the posts on this site and you can get really inspired by the success and progress of both novice runners and those who have gone on to run long distances and marathons.


Awesome, thanks! I am looking forward to trying to find better ways to take care of myself, and I appreciate the idea of community.


Welcome Anna :) Why don't you just give it a go? It has worked so well for so many of us and we are all ages and shapes. I was 49 when I started and struggled with running for 60 sec in w1 but in w9 I ran 30 min comfortably. I think it is a great programme. We'll all be here for you every step of the way. Download your podcasts and get out there, give w1 a go and let us know how you got on.

if you've suffered from bulimia for a long time, that behaviour has been programmed, it has been learnt through constant repetition but that means it can be unlearnt too and you can reprogramme yourself. Is there a support group near you? It can make a huge difference to not feel on your own when you have big things that need changing.


I appreciate that you understand programming behind behaviors. Unfortunately, here in Tennessee, thy concept has not been widely introduced, and countless lives are still being take advantage of.

Thanks for the encouragement to run! It's awesome to hear how you experienced similar struggles. It makes me feel not so alone.

It also lights the fire that I want to change the world and how things are being done. Those behaviors are so unnecessary! And lethal. Here they teach kids to eat an upside down food triangle, overuse of additives, then arrests later in life for socially unacceptable behavior. They, in my family, created total chaos through method of emotion to destroy everything. (All about land and money, and reverse laws that mak no sense). What do you eat these days?



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