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Wk 3 run or a book?

Well I really can't believe that I managed 3 minutes running, I was worried as my legs seemed heavy on the 90 min run but I just kept on going trusting in Laura. As soon as I completed my first run I thought oh no how am I going to manage 5 minutes next week - that little devil on my shoulder just needs to go!!

On another note when I was running last night I wondered if I should put on my audio book instead of music (the beat of the music normally keeps me going when the legs are heavy) but I wondered if anyone else listened to a book rather than music while running.......

Looking forward to completing the week with a smile on my face :-)

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Audio books are gret to wile away the time on long runs because you can siwtch off and lose yourself in them. Probably not so good for short interval sessions though - the need to be listening out for instructions would break your concentration I would think. Music is better at short intervals as well as each section is generally a song or so in length, give or take.

Unless you have the podcast and are lsitening to Laura's music, in which case listening to a corncrake recite Mao's Little red Book in the original Mandarin through a distorted megaphone accompanied by the agonised screams and ululations of the massed choirs of the tormented souls of Hell would be preferable.


Thank you for making me laugh out loud at your description of the music :) Thats the funniest post I have read on here for sure.


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