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Game on!

Morning everyone 😃

So having had the kick up the bum that I needed from you all the other day, I cleared out the junk food, meal planned and bought fresh ingredients fruit nuts ect ( most of which i usually do) today I take a serious look at how important my body is to me and how much I want to stay healthy and give myself the best help with that I can! I have also began a food diary, and have sought out a training plan to follow to get me to 10k so that I have a goal. I'm back on my A game thanks to you all!

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well done! Keep applying all that consistently and you will get great results. Don't forget quality sleep.


The sleep bit is non predictable I'm afraid because I work the constant night shift I sleep whenever I can. I printed your quote and stuck it on the wall- it really struck a chord xx


Good for you! That's a great start. Yes, we've got only the one body for life so we need to look after it very, very well and love it!

Keep posting here for encouragement and support and to tell us how you're getting on. All the best.


You sound * pretty positive* to me... :)

Go you. Keep posting, so we can hear all about your success. x


Wow, I am impressed! I have been using My Fitness Pal, a free App where you can log all your food and calories plus exercise. It even gives a breakdown of nutrients too and there is a friendly and helpful Forum. The other day someone told me to stop running because it is "bad for your knees"! I have come through the C25K programme so I do know how to exercise carefully, I feel amazing and I love running. My heart and lungs are so much improved, no way am I giving it up! I love being healthy and active, spent long enough on the couch!!

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Good! Relieved to hear it. I am on a 10k training plan, and having a plan really does help you keep your nose to the grindstone and focussed. Make sure you do each run as laid down. You can shunt them about a bit but as long as you do each one that's the main thing. Same with your meals. Have a plan so you're not winging it and going for a takeway etc because you've failed to plan ahead

You'll soon start to feel better if you keep running and eating healthily. You'll notice your skin and hair begin to improve too. Your clothes should soon start to feel looser as well

Good luck. Have fun!


I can sleep for England since I gave up the booze and took up running.


Sounds excellent. When you see the first results, you'll be really motivated to stick with it. What training plan are you doing for 10k?


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