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Afraid I might have been a tad enthusiastic :(


On w1r3 tomorrow... but felt really good thismoring and was chomping at the bit to go run... but I refrained.. knowing I should stick to the programme.. that was untill my son invited me to the gym.. I didn't do much just a ten min walk on the treadmill and ten mins on bike.. a few light arm weights.. but a brisk ten min walk there and back.. feel rather achy now and worried I've overdone it and spoiled my run for tomorrow.. here's hoping I wake up rested and able to go :) silly I know x

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You just need to take care and listen to your body. I was severely obese doing c25k 3 times per week and strength training 4 times a week. I did have a day off, however one of my days I done the gym and run on. It was tough but I got there. You will too. You will know when to rest or if you are able to do today's session. Just listen to your body. Good luck xx


You should be ok to go, it is ok to cross train on the non running days , as you would be using different muscles and usually a low impact exercise.

I would still have rest days though in the early stages as you build up and your body and muscles adjust

Dead is right listen to your body , good luck with your run ;)


Sure you will be okay.. but as folks say, listen to your body... it will tell you and you will know if something is not right! You're not silly... just getting on and doing good stuff!

Hope you woke refreshed.... you go for that run :)


Slept late.. we off school and work this week.. yawn srtech.cuppa.. a banana then off I go :) thanks guys! Happy running x


Yeah got out there and completed week one !!! So chuffed :) Rosie cheeks and soggy feet.. muscles long forgotten aching their protest.. but I done it!!! Thankyou everyone for all the great words off wisdom and encouragement x

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Well done sparky :) Keep at it

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