I need a bumbag! and a health query

Hello, I have been reading your posts and am inspired!

I have started week 1, at last having located genuinely waterproof trainers so I can run and walk the dog in the park in wet grass at the same time.

I am repeating the first week a second time as I am a bit scared to move on too fast. Is this a bad thing? The thing is, I am 57 years old with a bmi of nearly 29 and a slightly grumbling right knee. I have never been much of a runner. I wonder if it is OK to stretch out the nine weeks to 18 or 27 by repeating weeks?

My second query is - as the weather gets warmer I am going to need a bag that is comfortable to run with, probably a bumbag round my waist, and it needs to hold all of the following at once:



small change for park cafe (not essential)

tissue if my nose runs

dog poo bags

dog lead (though at a pinch I can tie this round my waist)

bottle of water

Any suggestions?



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11 Replies

  • If you've successfully done each podcast 3 times (other than the interesting middle ones), **you are ready to move on to the next one** And that remains true even if it was really tough and it remains true even if you don't manage to complete the next one successfully first time.

    But it's *your* programme so if you really want to do extra outings, rather than just being lacking in confidence (being 57, having a BMI of 29 and a slightly dodgy knee practically makes you an athlete in terms of C25K starters...) of course you can.

    As to carrying your stuff, I am not a light traveller. If I am listening to a podcast I have my phone in a neck pouch. I have the dog's lead round my neck too. I have an over the shoulder bag (it was a present, made out of old neckties, getting a bit sad now so will have to get a replacement) This contains dog whistle, dog treats (up to and including warm chopped sausage wrapped in foil) and has room for keys, gloves, buffs, hanky and my phone. And did have room for my wallet until I got a new one. Attached to that I have my Dicky Bag which contains dog poo bags and critically, contains the filled ones until we get home/to a bin. If I need to carry anything more (and now that I have a stupid sized wallet) I use an Onyaback which is a very lightweight stuffable backpack made of recycled PET. (I only carry my wallet when I am leaving my normal bag in the car because I've not been out specially to run)

  • I wish someone would bring me hot chopped sausage in foil as a running treat - lucky dog!

    Sarah, I vote for a backpack as well; bumbags bounce, twist, and wind me up no end. Then again, lots of people love them. Maybe see if you can borrow one to see if it works for you?

  • To show how good the Onyaback (not on commission!) is, I frequently get back in the car and wonder what that lump in my back is because I have completely forgotten I have it on.

  • Is it this one Googleme?

    rPET Onya Back (Grey & Pink Tree) (Grey & Pink Tree) amazon.co.uk/dp/B003AN0BL2/...

  • Yes, although I think it would probably work out cheaper to buy it direct from the onyabag website.

  • (and I bet they pay their taxes 😉)

  • Hi Sarah, I'm 57 with a bmi of 34 (and started off considerably higher!) and have two slightly dodgy knees! I started the programme in September and graduated at Xmas so I definitely took it slower than suggested and repeated weeks as I felt necessary. I would say there's absolutely no hurry so feel free to do it at your own pace. I started out too keen in the beginning, hurt my knees and had three weeks on the injury couch so I really think it's important to go slow, both in pace and in progress through the C25K.

    As for bumbags, I bought the GaiaZon one from Amazon and am really pleased with it. The two pockets stretch so you can get your phone, keys, tissues in ok, but it won't hold dog leads or anything too big!

    Good luck on the C25K, keep us posted!! :-) x

  • I swear by this bum bag for my longer runs... really comfortable and takes all my junk! I also have a smaller one without the bottles for shorter runs.


  • I like the look of this one - I could even fold up the dog's lead and put in the second bottle space!

  • There are set rules it Really is down to you and how you feel, yeah it is 9 week program a lot stretch this out depending their circumstances.

    As others have said once you completed a week i.e. the 3 runs then you "ready" to move onto the next.

    The program works we all testament to that and lait of us were in that age range etc when we started little realising what the results would be :)

    Bottom line it is you doing this do it your way be it 9 weeks or more , bottom line you can do it :)

    Slow n steady is the mantra here then slower still if need be :)

    Good luck and keep posting as you go with your progress or any questions :)

  • Thank you all for your very encouraging replies!

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