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W4R2...Post run munchies

Above run completed tonight, all OK although I tried different trainers tonight and think I will stick to my old ones. Felt it a bit too due to resistance from the windy conditions.

Back from the run I could honestly eat a horse and go back for the saddle. Anyone else like this and what do you do? Any good post run snacks recommended?.

I am probably undoing all my good work by tucking in to the wrong thinks but I feel so hungry.

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Ha ha forgot to add I overtook 2 dog walkers tonight which felt kinda good as up til that point I felt that I was just doing little more than a fast walk. Tricky when you are on your own to judge how fast you are going ☺


Eat sommat healthy. Have stuff there ready to hand so you don't reach for the wrong things. Banish wrong things from the house if you can't resist.

Banana is always a go-to munch. You only need a post run snack if you are going further than 10k. Anything less you shouldn't be eating extra or you'll gain weight.

For a healthy snack you can make soups or curry (minus spuds or carbs) with just veg and spices - with onions, carrots, courgette, mushrooms, squash, spinach, cauli, cabbage, with stock. I make batches of this stuff, using whatever spices/herbs match my mood and keep them in the freezer for times like these. Requires a bit of forward planning but they're lovely when you get in cold and hungry and they won't make you fat. You can blitz or leave chunky.

I make up sugar-free jellies and drained tinned fruit. One pack of jelly and a tin of fruit in juice, drained makes four helpings. I like orange jelly and mandarin or blackcurrant jelly with tinned blackcurrants, lime jelly with tinned pears. Lovely!



Bananas are a good source of energy an the potassium in them helps avoiding cramps.

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